Biden Vaxx Mandate is Not about Public Health, It's Just Another Way to Divide Us - Granite Grok

Biden Vaxx Mandate is Not about Public Health, It’s Just Another Way to Divide Us

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Joe Biden’s patience is wearing thin?  That’s what he said. We’re the problem. Sorry, that’s not true. The problem is a mandate that makes no sense unless you look past the presumption that this has anything at all to do with public health. Sorry, not a single political action since this started has anything to do with that.

The political response put tens of millions of American’s public health at risk. Harms that range from physical to mental, to lethal. Missed exams, lost jobs, broken families, lost savings, closed businesses, and a life of dependency. Suicides and overdoses were on the rise, as are life years lost.

Masks and distancing never worked and still do not, but the machine has been working to create “research” to say they help.

The chemical treatment (The Jab™) has done great harm and killed record numbers. Reports are emerging that unvaccinated kids have more resistance than vaccinated adults. And that for some teens, The Jab is a significantly greater threat to their health than any version of this coronavirus.

And whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) has gone from no vax mandates to sweeping vax mandates, but why?

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It’s not public health. It is not medical science. It is political science.

This is just another way to divide the country. To pit us against each other.

Even within the medical community, the fear created by world and national leaders, fueled by complicit media, has people at each other’s throats ver vaccination status. Health Care professionals are talking about denying care to unvaccinated people.

Think about that.

Always One and Only One Objective

The goal of the far left is always the revolution. How do you do that in a historically free society in the 21st century? Make everyone hate everyone else, or at least distrust them. And if you take over health care, energy, and banking, well – no one can do much of anything.

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They’ve been after energy for years under the false flag of global warming. Banking has always been there for the taking as long as the rich stay that way – a temporary allowance by revolutionaries to keep the home fires of despotism funded and burning. And if you don’t have your health…

Very early in the COVID era, we noted that this was all a smokescreen for tyranny. A means to a political end. That public health has nothing to do with it. So far, that continues to be the case. And now, much like the way CRT and SEL and DEI-J exist to sow systemic division by race, mask, and now vaccine mandates serve to divide us the rest of the way.

Race-shaming creates the opposite of equity, and vaccine mandates do nothing to improve public health.

But they do divide us, and that is all the left has ever wanted.

Our job is to make sure it doesn’t work. And we may find ourselves shoulder to shoulder with unexpected allies. Let’s not let that get in the way of saving the country.