The COVID Fourth Reich and Its New Definition of "Biologically Fit" - Granite Grok

The COVID Fourth Reich and Its New Definition of “Biologically Fit”

NIH CDC Fourth Reich v2

Nazism took a 75-year hiatus to renew itself for the current global blitzkrieg. In 2020, they initiated their attack via unrestricted warfare tactics. I refer to this bipartisan authoritarian movement as Nazism because their interest is permitting only those individuals who fit their definition of “biologically healthy” to flourish.

To reproduce while attempting to eliminate those they believe will harm the “body politic.”

Everyone should be aware that we currently live in an occupied country, replete with a full rank and file of corporate and media collaborators – as well as politicians looking to advance their careers as Neville Chamberlains.

Their objective is to redefine your automatic habits of thought and behavior, change what it means to be human, and absolutely eradicate any remembrance of God.

It is concerning as I watch most people reconcile or resign themselves to this Nazi power grab.

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This is a movement hell-bent on indoctrinating the next generation for destruction, and I see generations of adults embark on an inner emigration into their passive private worlds of belief, morality, hopes, and dreams while the future of their children is devoured.

The beast is enjoying a luscious meal garnished with pacifying words and hyper-rational compromise.  If we do not speak up and peacefully stop this now, the Nazis may commit their coup de grace against our children 15-20 years from now.

The parties and their “leaders” duck and cover while yelling idle words in an attempt to protect their own institutional continuation.  Many of the activists who resisted this take over early on have largely either been co-opted or have disappeared into the shadows hoping to receive some liberation through an imagined and/or anticipated conflict.  God forbid any conflict ever occur; it will only please the death cult.

We are now in the deep throws of the silencing of pluralistic voices and walk in a facsimile of a once independent social life that is now terrorized with surveillance, citizen policing, and ever menacing and oppressive municipal, state, and federal governments and their corporate partners.

We are and have long been at the point where compromise is not appropriate because we cannot compromise the genome of our society. We need strength, honesty, and love; anyone who is walking us into hell through half-steps should no longer be viewed as a leader.

Increasingly the multi-eyed beast of a Fourth Reich has a myopic vision of a global unvaccinated enemy, an alleged vermin set on the destruction of everything people believed they would receive in payment for their compliance.

Few are willing and able to intervene as the unvaccinated, or at least those who hold to informed consent and privacy, are increasingly isolated.  If we do not kindly, clearly, and firmly say “No!” Those of us who understand that our body is made in the image and likeness of God may no longer be able to hold a job or even shop for groceries.

Remember, the best scapegoat for authoritarians is a group large enough that everyone knows one of the group but small enough that no one cares what happens to them.

“Passports please!”  “Passports Please!”  The horrifying moan of a new soft-kill procedural, economic, and sociological Kristallnacht.

The “delta variant” has become the fuel added to the fire of annoyance with the slow pace of anti-vaxxers assimilation.  If you don’t believe it, take a look at this article.  The “a-socials” (the unvaccinated, privacy proponents, and informed consent advocate allies), must now wear a mask instead of the yellow star; but do you really think they will stop at the mask?

Religious people and others who hold to their privacy and informed consent as paramount to their human dignity are being stripped of their wealth and access to economic life, and being placed in a ghetto with no physical walls.

Legislation has been put into place in order, or its unintended consequence will be to silence or suppress the mounting screams of “it’s not legal” and to indemnify the State actors who spent over a year empowering the corporations to undertake the unfolding vaccine holocaust.

This same legislation will now give a pacifying flavor to the genocidal conduct that is being undertaken and disguised with the democratic legitimacy of serving a “common good.”

I believe the answer to this horror is consistently standing against it through peaceful non-compliance and responsible non-cooperation.

I recommend what I call an Informed Consent Encounter in which you respectfully, peacefully, and firmly explain to the oppressors how you believe they are participating in a genocidal act and that you intend to use lawful means to hold them accountable at every turn.

Here are some further ideas for actions that may bring peaceful balance back to our country.

Respectfully boycott every business and corporation who is participating in this, to the best of your ability.  Even more importantly, start competing businesses while you still can.

Demand election integrity via a return to mechanical and hand-counted ballots.

Advocate for the release of the political prisoners being held in DC.

Run for office with an uncompromising commitment to our founding principles, because as I see it now, we need to replace every single Neville Chamberlain holding office.

Lastly, use the judicial system when just and appropriate, with the assistance of counsel, to prevent the establishment of repugnant common law precedent.

Tejasinha Sivalingam is writing today as a Lay Hindu Minister.