Data Point - "Obama: I’m Greatest Gun Salesman in History – Biden: Hold My Beer" - Granite Grok

Data Point – “Obama: I’m Greatest Gun Salesman in History – Biden: Hold My Beer”

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During the Obama Administration, we all felt that our Second Amendment rights were under attack. Guns flew off the shelves and the shelves were bare of ammo.

The number of sales did dip under President Trump  (which should have been a message to the Civilian Disarmament Corp to vote for him again – heh!) but, COVID policy and the chaos caused Antifa and BLM riots pushed sales higher.

And then Xiden showed up, and sales took OFF!


NSSF Adjusted NICS Second Quarter Totals last 22 years


I knew they had skyrocketed but not by THIS much!

Things have settled down as Biden’s policy march has been stifled. His gun control agenda has deteriorated into more regulation by Executive Order than Gun Death by Democrat Legislation, so a bit of a sigh of relief is on-going.

The Red States are recovering their Second Amendment Rights slowly and surely. Note I didn’t say gaining more Rights but RECOVERING, as Conservatives pay more attention to that last word in the 2nd to halt “infringing” actions.

You know, stopping the “common sense” euphemism that the Democrats use all the time that’s supposed to mollify all of us.

Twenty States are now Constitutional carry or permit-less with respect to citizens who no longer need to go down on bended knee to exercise that Second Amendment Right.

More are coming.

The Left knows that the more guns that are sold, the stronger this movement will become.


(H/T: The Truth About Guns)