"You Can't Tell a Governor No. Who Needs That Kind of Trouble?" - Granite Grok

“You Can’t Tell a Governor No. Who Needs That Kind of Trouble?”

Gretchen Whitmer

I’ve noted on a few occasions that the Rona was a test (for all of us), and Governor Sununu failed. Lots of folks failed and continue to fail the Republic and their respective states. No one so spectacular, though, as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

We’re talking Newsom and Cuomo bad.

Whitmer came out early against affordable, abundant treatment options like Hydroxychloroquine, complete with threats.

She was quickdraw McGraw with the lockdowns, fines, and then ignoring her own ridiculous orders.

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She racked up a string of embarrassing losses (exceeding her authority, would-be kidnappers were not MAGA people as she insisted, and the essential gay swingers club during peak transmission scare).

Did you hear how it looks like her administration stopped counting Nursing Home Deaths (well, it looked bad, right), and their numbers may only be off by about 100% or double – after she ordered COVID Patients back just like Killer Cuomo.

And that trip to Florida. That’s a real win. She said her father was dying (he was fine), and that was a scandal during her travel ban, but check this out.


When Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was outed last month for a secretive trip to Florida in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, her office claimed Michigan taxpayers did not foot the bill. … What they did not tell us, however, is that Whitmer asked a group of wealthy Detroit businessmen to provide a private plane they share.


According to reports, if she’d paid the charter herself, it would have cost as much as $40,000. Instead, she leaned on local Detroit businessmen who, and I quote,


“…wondered why she reached out to us instead of booking a private charter,” said one of the plane’s owners, who exchanged his candor for confidentiality. “You can’t tell a governor no. Who needs that kind of trouble?”


And that, ladies and gentleman, is entirely the problem. It’s not COVID or even Whitmer; it’s a culture that puts these political temps on some pedestal. Finding 50%+1 vote on election night still makes you little more than a used-car salesman with police powers.

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Yes, Gretchen Whitmer is a Democrat. She lies, she’s corrupt, and she abuses her office. No one should be surprised by this. What should surprise us is that there are very accomplished Americans, folks who created businesses, jobs, wealth, and are familiar with all the crap that comes with that, saying things like, “You can’t tell a governor no. Who needs that kind of trouble?”

Gretchen Whitmer clearly needs to hear no and deserves all the trouble you can give her. And if you CAN’T get on it, or back people who will, you might as well tell everyone that you want those for your epitaph; “You can’t tell a governor no. Who needs that kind of trouble?”

Assuming you pass on before people like Whitmer kill the nation the way they have our seasoned citizens.

And yes, someone is on that. Recall Petitions to remove her from office just leaped another hurdle. If you want my advice, loan them your corporate jet. They need it more than she does.


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