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Word Sausage and Another Great Example of Socialists Hiding Who They Are

The goal of socialism is communism

I never get surprised anymore by the pretzel twisting “Progressives” will put themselves through to not use the word “Socialist” when discussing Policy or implementing it like they are now.

Let’s face it, ever since a few years ago when top national Democrats were being asked: “What’s the difference between Democrats and Socialists?” we’ve known who they really are. “The Squad” and the Democrat Socialists of America candidates were winning their seats. But they want to maintain the pretense that they aren’t modern-day equivalents of the British Fabian Socialists. That they are incrementalists instead of gun-waving Left-Wing revolutionaries.

Watch how THIS “avoid the elephant in the room” goes (reformatted, emphasis mine):

WH Senior Adviser Cedric Richmond on Biden Suggesting Progressive Agenda Is Socialist: ‘I Don’t Think’ the Definition of the Agenda Matters

White House Senior Adviser Cedric Richmond downplayed President Joe Biden’s comments that suggested he thinks the progressive agenda is socialist. In an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, host Dana Bash asked Richmond about Biden’s comments during an interview with “New York Times” columnist David Brooks. “He said ‘The progressives don’t like me because I’m not prepared to take on what I would say and they would say is a socialist agenda.’ The president is saying the progressive agenda is socialist. Really?”

Bash said. No, I don’t think that’s what he’s saying, but what I will say is that the president passed a $1.9 trillion bill that reduced child poverty by 50 percent, black poverty by 34 percent, Hispanic poverty by 38 percent, and AAPI poverty by 22 percent,” Richmond said.

So, the doddering Dementia Joe lets the cat out of the bag and says the truth and there the MSM flapper right there with a towel to wipe the spittle off his chin  to “make it all right again” knowing full well that what President Asterisk is true.

FIRST is that lie that this agenda isn’t Socialists – all of the folks making up these policies are Socialists in that they believe Government, The State, should be in charge of everything (because the rest of us are children and we want to do what WE want to do instead of what THEY believe is how we should behave).  That’s the first part of Socialism

SECOND, note how quickly the Socialist part is brushed aside by Richmond and turns back to the “Progressive” word as if that makes all the difference in the world. It doesn’t unless you haven’t known the history of the word way back to the 1880s when American Academics brought Socialism back from Germany but knew that Socialism was a deal-breaker – so swap in another word into the mix. Fabian Socialism, Democrat Socialism, Incremental Socialism Progressivism – no, not much difference at all. It’s ALL the 600 lb elephant that is Socialism trying to hide behind a skinny lamppost.

THIRD – no, a bill has been passed but NOTHING has been accomplished as of yet (typical Democrat blustering in pointing to successes that haven’t happened – just “good intentions” with other peoples’ money). But they are already looking to having you believe that your chocolate ration has been increased from 50 grams/week to 40 grams (yeah, not chocolate but certainly your Liberty).

And FOURTH, we get to the kicker:

“That is progressive, it’s bold, and it’s transformational, and so I think the president is always talking about what he has done, what he can get done, and he’s not a president that walks around talking about labels. He’s a president that just meets the challenges he’s faced with and keeps the promises he has made,” he added. “Yes, and he’s not somebody who generally talks about labels, which is why this really stood out, and I will say, again, this is his quote: ‘I’m not prepared to take on what I would say and they would say is a socialist agenda.’ Those are his words,” Bash said.

“Well, look, I don’t think that the definition of the agenda matters. I think it’s the result of the agenda and reducing child poverty, investing in families, building our infrastructure, so we can compete for tomorrow, and making a significant statement and assistance for real policing reform in this country. Those are things that are important to him,” Richmond said.

Of COURSE, they don’t want to talk about labels. Labels are definitive, they tell you what things are. They give definition to what a thing is, what a person stands for, and what a political philosophy wants to do to you. Socialism is a label – it stands for people that want The State to be the only thing that matters when it comes to Power and Control and they are looking to implement that end game (just not there yet). Being a Conservatarian, I want Government to be as small as possible to keep Society “ordered” and not falling into Anarchy (yet another label that means Chaos) but allows us to make our own decisions on our own and not be hassled by Government.

And I could go on and on – maybe some other time I should. But not now.

The Takeaway – when someone in Govt pulls this kind of “hide the definition”, be scared – be VERY scared. But don’t run away – run TOWARDS that “gunfire” and return fire. DON’T let the other side the ability to “take that pass”. Don’t allow them to walk away unchallenged. MAKE them define their words – and in no uncertain terms, allow them to “circle define it” with SJW vocabulary.

In short, EXPOSE THEM.

And of course, have a camera at the ready.

(H/T: CNSNews)