NCAA - Yeah, About That #Woke State Boycott Thing - Ummm...Never Mind. - Granite Grok

NCAA – Yeah, About That #Woke State Boycott Thing – Ummm…Never Mind.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is #woke. They like to give young men awards in girls sporting events. You know, the best female athlete (has testicles but is a girl ‘cuz reasons).

So endeared was the NCAA to this notion that they threatened states that passed laws banning boys from defeating girls at girls’ sports. If you pass that law, we’ll yank our tournaments from your state; I’m paraphrasing. And they meant it.

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The states said, whatever, and started passing the laws anyway because it was the right thing to do.


Just two months ago, the NCAA had promised to boycott states that protected girls sports or banned gender experimentation on minors. That all fell apart just a few weeks later, when so many states had passed conservative legislation that the league finally realized it had nowhere to go. Suddenly, tournaments that weren’t supposed to be awarded to places like Arkansas, Alabama, and Tennessee got the news that they would still be hosts after all.


Add Oklahoma and Florida, the latter of which made their bill the law on the first day of Pride Month, according to The Daily Signal, which adds, “Turns out, the tug of the left may be strong, but so is the $730 million in revenue from the Southeastern Conference.”

The Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and other Gaystapo front-groups are understandably miffed. Leveraging #wokeness continues to be their flanking maneuver of choice, but I think the Left overplayed their hand on this.

Many people are probably willing to feign disinterest when it comes to adults wanting to dress up as the opposite sex. They may even be willing to accept your preferences or at least provide lip service. Just leave us out of it.

But some, can’t.

And telling girls that they have to let boys beat them at sports because they dress the same is a bridge too far for all but the most ardent ideologue.

Even a large portion of the LGB community objects to that.

In fact, it is probably more offensive than trying to compel people’s speech, which, by the way, may ultimately be the undoing of Critical Race Theory, especially if white LGBTQers realize that when they say we’re all racists that means them too.