NCAA Conference Names a 'Man' "Female Athlete of the Week" - Granite Grok

NCAA Conference Names a ‘Man’ “Female Athlete of the Week”

Jonathan June Eastwood NCAA Transgender track star

Another knife in the back of ‘Women’s Sports.’ This one from the Big Sky NCAA conference. Their female cross-country athlete of the week is ‘June’ Eastwood. A biological male.

Eastwood has identified as female since Middle School and has naturally had a lot of success in girls’ cross-country competition. For some reason, we can’t quite put our fingers on why he’s she’s faster than almost all the other competitors.

For clarity, by “competitors” we mean the ones’ who were not born with a penis.

The accolade comes at the expense of eight biologically female nominees. And to make matters worse, Big Sky never tells you that June used to be Jonathan.

This is where we are as a culture?

So sum it up, a man wins a race meant for women, is given recognition and awards meant for women, and no one running the show thought to even mention that Eastwood was a man in the official paperwork. On top of that, they also push a propaganda piece in order to make Eastwood’s arrival on the women’s scene seem uplifting and legitimate.

Where is the so-called party of women? Defending the man.

Who didn’t see this coming? 

Correction: changed the title from ‘women’s athlete of the week’ to “female” to match the actual statement by the NCAA

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