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Arkansas Bans Men From Competing as Women

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Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed Senate Bill 354, also known as Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. It prohibits biological males from competing as women in girls and women’s sports in Arkansas.

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The language of SB354 states that the ban will cover K-12 as well as collegiate sports. The law also gives a student a pathway for legal action if the student suffers direct or indirect harm from a violation of the law.


Arkansas follows Mississippi, which recently passed a similar law to protect girl’s and women’s sports.

The ACLU says they plan to sue (in Arkansas). It is their position that men have a right to beat women in contests of sport, which supersedes women’s rights to benefit from success in athletics.


The new law comes amid opposition from LGBTQIA+ right groups, who claim that the measure would expose the state to “economic harm, expensive taxpayer-funded legal battles, and a tarnished reputation.”


I don’t know how tarnished. The same report says 20 other states are advancing similar legislation. As for economic harm, what are the odds any of those states need Joe Biden to bail them out with other people’s money? I’d say few, if any.

By the way, the driving force to prevent states from singing this sort of Legislation (see Kirsti Noem in SD) appears to be pressure by the NCAA to punish colleges and universities in those states if such laws are adopted.

A college sports organization is holding women athletes hostage and pressing governors not to intervene in any way that violates their rules allowing biological males to compete as females.

That doesn’t surprise me. What does is Noem’s willingness to harpoon her own political future over the musings and his of white-tower libs over an issue undergirded by a fundamental and scientific principle.

Men and women are different. Just ask Megan Rapinoe. Her world-class professional women’s soccer team lost a scrimmage to a bunch of 15-year old boys. A problem you could only solve by adding more men if I had to guess. But wouldn’t that be women’s soccer?

It will be.