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Democrats Destroy Everything They Touch and Sometimes Republicans Help Them.

TCI Gas Tax

2019-2020 BC (Before COVID) I cut down a small forest of digital trees to make fun of the Transportation Climate Initiative. That’s a fancy name for a money-laundering scheme with taxes raised by folks you didn’t elect and could not punish for increasing levies.

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And increase them they would.

Democrats loved it. A tax they could raise without raising taxes. More of our money in their hands and no one we could remove from office. Like RGGI but for gasoline.

Even registered Republican Charlie Baker in Massachusetts loved it and why not. They have a spending problem revenue problem in the Bay State and bilking people least able to afford it – working stiffs driving to work or for a living – is an opportunity. To spend more. But it’s not about the budget it’s about the planet.


Sununu stepped back early, followed by a few mumbling governors in Vermont, Maine, Blue Virginia, and even Connecticut. Baker stood his ground, but now he’s not so sure.

“We’re living at a point in time right now that’s dramatically different than the point in time we were living in when people’s expectations about miles traveled and all the rest were a lot different,” Baker said Tuesday during a press conference at the State House.

Baker said analysts are looking at the costs and benefits of the program in an era where travel patterns have shifted as many people work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Translation: I trapped everyone in their homes so we’d be trying to milk a sick goose or something. That sounds more like Joe Biden but you get the idea. The Transporation Climate Initiative only generates revenue if there is transportation.

Motor fuel tax revenues are already in the toilet because Governors like Baker fearmongered the source of the revenue out of existence but not the spending that relied on it.

Who relies on it. According to more than a dozen Massachusetts environmental, health and transportation groups who joined with 200 organizations pushing TCI, they are looking for,

“strong safeguards and guarantees for overburdened and underserved communities,” which would become key beneficiaries of the proposed Transportation and Climate Initiative cap-and-invest program to modernize transportation in the region.

They think the TCI gas tax will be used to add transportation infrastructure like trains and busses when every governor interested is looking to tap into the wallets of every driver in their state to fill budget deficits. They were looking before they kneecapped their own economies and pummeled their tax base. Not more than ever, tell rob any Peter to pay themselves.

But let’s pretend the State uses the bilked millions for busses and trains which the Greens will encourage people to use instead of cars.

If fewer people drive the money to pay for the trains and busses goes away and then what?

Tax the rich or kill the rich? Take their stuff. It’s the same problem. In the end, you run out of other people’s money and other people you can tax.

Democrats destroy everything they touch and sometimes Republicans help them. Sometimes.