BLM Mobilizes to Protest Fatal Police Shooting Until They Learned "The Victim" Might Be White - Granite Grok

BLM Mobilizes to Protest Fatal Police Shooting Until They Learned “The Victim” Might Be White

armed car jacker shot by police

From the NY Post: “Protestors kneel after hearing there was an officer-involved shooting in Burnsville moments ago,” Hicks tweeted of the wild, caught-on-camera armed carjacking in the suburbs.”

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It sounds racist, but it’s not. That’s what we’ll learn from Critical Race Theory, which Governor Sununu is intent on propagating within our public school curriculums.


Dozens of people protesting outside Gov. Tim Walz’s mansion in St. Paul on Sunday were filmed by Fox 9 reporter Mitti Hicks as they knelt for a moment of silence over initial rumors about Sunday’s 3 p.m. fatal shooting.

The BLM marchers, riled by the local police-involved deaths of George Floyd and Daunte Wright, soon appeared to get word that the latest shooting was not one fit for protest.


Police shot an armed carjacker who fired his weapon at them and ended up dead, and BLM wanted to make that guy another martyr in their cause until they thought he might be white.

I’m not sure if the blatant racism is the bigger issue or the effort to elevate another criminal to BLM sainthood.


Video of the incident