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Given the Choice, Government Will Choose What is Best for Government


Politicians always want to be seen as “doing something” for you in order to “buy” your vote. And the electorate has been conditioned to believe that Government MUST be in the loop of life, else we’d all DIE!

When the government chooses between policy A and policy B, it is making a choice in which the personal interests of the decision-maker are involved. Rewards for both elected and appointed officials – whether in money or in kind – come from increasing the demand for their services. If policy A will achieve a certain result largely through the individual efforts of the citizens themselves, and policy B requires the presence, activity, and visibility of politicians, clearly it is to the politicians’ advantage to advocate policy B.

-Prof Thomas Sowell (Markets and Minorities)

It’s about Dependency – the Visible Hand of Government, as loudly proclaimed by said politicians, necessary to Life’s sustenance. Balderdash! Politicians are conditioning us to believe that Government will solve our problems so we can be LAZY!

What happens to self-reliance, self-sufficiency, a can-do outlook, willingness to take your problems in stride, the satisfaction of a task well solved? Well, why bother with what used to be assumed to be “adulting” when you can outsource your personal responsibilities to someone else?

But the politicians will NEVER tell you that there is a cost of doing that outsourcing – and the least of those costs would be the rise in your taxes.

After all, those tasks aren’t going to get done for you for free, right?

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)