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Notable Quote – WHOSE “Democracy”?


Reformatted, emphasis mine:

Who’s a Threat to ‘Our Democracy’?
When progressives single out threats to ‘our democracy,’ what they mean is their democracy.

Presenting their case for conviction at the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the House managers repeatedly invoked Mr. Trump’s threat to “our democracy.” However remote the chance of conviction, Mr. Trump’s role in the Capitol riot is passing into the judgment of history, which likely will be severe. After a lifetime of playing with fire, Mr. Trump on Jan. 6 got too close to the flames, which will engulf his legacy. But for Democrats, obloquy on even this historic scale is not enough for anyone who, as they say, “threatens our democracy.”

I’ve become fascinated with this phrase—“our democracy.” What exactly does it mean?

Not long ago, hardly anyone used the apocalyptic notion of a threat to “our democracy” as a political argument. Suddenly, it emerged among progressives as a routine term of political art. The word “our” implies another of progressivism’s modern virtues, inclusion. But that, as they themselves would say, is a false narrative.

When progressives refer to “our democracy,” what they mean is their democracy. To be a member of their democracy, one has to share their beliefs. If you’re not in, you’re out. And if you’re out, they may come after you for being a threat to democracy


So be it, until the 2022 midterms. But how does voting to demote the election in a Georgia congressional district, no matter how freakish its representative’s views, square with “our democracy”? Within days of that House vote, an inevitable corollary event arrived, with a New York Times columnist suggesting that in light of “our [that word again] national reality crisis,” some academics were urging the creation of a federal “reality czar,” whose office would identify and presumably correct false thinking.

It may be an exaggeration, but only a small one, to suggest that its proponents want a federal office of reality because they think that virtually all the 74 million Trump voters in 2020 were steeped in QAnon-like falsity. What an extraordinary juncture in U.S. politics. If you believe that everything your opponents think is false, and that everything you believe is the “truth” (apologies again for the oh so slight exaggeration), this surely is a form of insanity.

-Dan Henninger (Wall Street Journal columnist)

“Our Democracy” should be perceived as a Red Flag phrase. They do believe in “Democracy” – until they don’t. Or, more truthful, don’t have to. Only if they are corrected will they verbalize “Republic” but with a sound of repugnance because a Republic is much more, with much more nuance, than a Democracy.

And he’s right – because of their red-tinged Collectivism and emphasis on “no dissent in the ranks”, they have a hard time now in believing and accepting that others don’t hold to their dogmas. Further, they really can’t seem to understand, because of their herd mentality, that we who voted for Trump don’t all hold all of the projections that they place on half the country.

In this, they are the stereotypers that they rail about all the time. But, sadly, it is always “beam in their eye” their eye as they castigate us for motes.

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