NH Dems Create COVID19 Super-Spreader Event as They Storm Out of Today's House Session (While Trying and Failing to Prevent a Quorum) - Granite Grok

NH Dems Create COVID19 Super-Spreader Event as They Storm Out of Today’s House Session (While Trying and Failing to Prevent a Quorum)

Democrats not distning as they run away from their duty

Democrats talk big about social distancing. The COVID19 voodoo that they do, if you like. But what happens when the parliamentary process does not go their way? They all get up and leave, hoping to prevent the body from having a quorum (that didn’t work) in a crowd, a year’s worth of ‘distancing rhetoric thrown out the proverbial window.

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Care of Republican Rep. John Burt.

Democrats sue Speaker because it is too dangerous to attend House Session. Judge dismisses suit. Democrats get mad because a child protection bill will pass, so they pick up their ball and go home.
Zero social distancing.

And not one umbrella in sight.


What happened to COVID19 rules?
(Heading for the exits, no social distancing; This image and the featured image above)


If I recall the rhetoric correctly, this is what John rightly called a “super-spreader event.”

So, what happened to make them stampede out, completely disregarding close to a year of bullshit concern about everyone’s health ‘cuz COVID19? As John noted a child protection bill. One of the bills that RINO republican Ned Gordon voted to kill with the Democrats on his committee.

The Republican majority committee lead by Ned Gordon.

HB625 (AN ACT relative to the protection of fetal life) was voted out of committee as inexpedient to legislate, but Republicans moved to vote to change the recommendation, and the assembled Reps said yes. They then voted to pass the bill.

Democrats already bent about showing up in person, sensed how the day would go, and decided they might be able to doom the process. If they all left and the body lacked a quorum, it could do no other business that day.

They got up and marched out in what we can only call an actual peaceful protest. Problem?

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After they left, State police (Sgt at Arms) secured the doors. Once the session starts, no one goes in, even if you were in and left (as I understand it). The Democrats trapped themselves outside, and the body still had a quorum.

Republicans (and a few remaining Democrats) proceeded without any interference.

The Left is crying, but parliamentary order was followed before and after they chose to leave. The only thing that was not was a year of Left-Wing whining about distancing ‘cuz COVID19!

There are more pictures care of John Burt. We’ll add them here or post a separate update once we have them.


HB625  prohibits a health care provider from performing an abortion if the gestational age of the fetus is at least 24 weeks unless there is a medical emergency.

The House also passed HB 233 (another bill Ned Gordon tried to kill) that would ensure infants born alive receive appropriate medical care and treatment.