It Wasn't "Republicans" That Scrapped Those Pro-Life Bills, it was One Republican Voting With Ten Democrats - Granite Grok

It Wasn’t “Republicans” That Scrapped Those Pro-Life Bills, it was One Republican Voting With Ten Democrats

NH State House

Cornerstone recently reported on the demise (at least in committee) of several pieces of pro-life legislation. HB 625 would prohibit abortion at or after 24 weeks. And HB 434, a bill to prohibit New Hampshire state funds from directly paying for abortions.

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Both bills failed by a vote of 11-10, along party lines with the help of one Republican. Ned Gordon.

But wait, there’s More!

The Committee also voted 11-10 against HB 430, which repeals an unenforced and unenforceable law allowing abortion clinics to deny free speech rights to protesters in front of their facilities. And HB 233 would require health care providers to preserve the life of infants who are born alive. That failed by a vote of 11-10.

You guessed it. Ned Gorden was the sole Republican to vote against all of these bills. If Ned voted for them, all four bills advance to the House Floor as “Ought to Pass” by an 11-10 committee vote.

Cornerstone points this out in their original report, but I felt we needed to spotlight this legisaltor. He not only single-handedly tried to kill four common-sense bills related to life and liberty, he completely ignored his own Party Platform in the process.

Republicans support life, free speech and oppose corrosive mandates that force people of conscience to pay for things like abortions.

Ned went the wrong way at every opportunity.

Every vote in support was a Republican. Only Ned Gordon (R) voted no.

Seeing as he’s the committee chair, we must assume he knows what they yeas and nays mean.

Even the unconstitutional, unenforceable, Buffer zone law, Ned? Seriously. I get that you are a pro-choice Republican, but free speech, my man.

I’m very disappointed.

All four bills will still go to the House floor, but Republicans will need a floor-fight to flip the committee recommendation on any or all before a vote can pass them to the Republican majority State Senate.