When Your Revolution Comes for You - Will You Miss Me Then? - Granite Grok

When Your Revolution Comes for You – Will You Miss Me Then?


The cacophony emanating from the Political Left for the past week has had one common theme. Not new, but louder and more confident. End the right. Silence the menace, by which they mean our unceasing opposition to the left’s program.

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The progressive must obsess with rewriting or erasing history the way the brain often forgets trauma. Well, that’s nasty. Let’s block that out. It won’t help us moving forward. But sometimes you forget what lead to the trauma, and that bit might be important becasue of what comes after.

As long as their water-carriers don’t glean the inevitable truth until after power is secured, they’ll never reject their prescriptions or oppose them until it is too late.

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Republicans may be the stupid party. The Never Trumpers in particular – but rank-and-file Dems who push the far-left party agenda are either mentally deficient codependents or just insane. In no scenario will the ruling class allow them to continue as they have once victory is achieved.

The whining and demands that daily perforate the tattered culture like flak will have to stop.

But wait, if we win, you say, we’ll have our paradise.

You’ll have a police state, Einstein, and everything that you thought made you special will cease to be a priority to them. You’re a cog now in a big machine that chews up property, human rights (the real ones), and people to enrich a small sliver of folks at the top.

Yes, a few best and brightest among the lower left may climb up a few rungs, but everyone else is grist for the Marxist mill. That revolutionary spirit that made you useful before is now the problem. There can never again be a resistance.

Those 5 am FBI raids you once cheered become quiet raids under cover of night. No one knows where you went the next day or dares to ask.

Right now you can’t wait to be rid of me (or us) but when your revolution comes for you – as it must – will you be happy or sad if I’m not around to help defend you?

Dismiss the question at your own peril. Once you close that door it doesn’t open again without a real revolution. Come to think of it, the odds are good it won’t close without one either.

And look at you, standing there on the wrong side of both.