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This. Is. Fascism.

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

As we find ourselves bogged down by petty tyrants and local lords wielding emergency powers repugnant to both liberty and the constraints of state and federal constitutions this passage might help us explore the real threat (and it’s not a virus).

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Both fascism and Marxist-Leninist systems have demonstrated a distrust of electoral and parliamentary representation. Both entertained the conviction that individuals and groups of individuals must submit to the authority of the hegemonic state-and it would be the hierarchical, unrepresentative state in pursuit of “a great national destiny,” that would overcome all class, political, ethnic, and racial divisions.

These political properties apply,  with varying degrees of faithfulness, as much to Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao Zedong’s China, Kim Il Sungs Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Fidel Castro’s Socialist Cuba as they do to Mussolini’s Italy. The fact remains that if “right-wing extremism” telescopes” into “fascism,” then it appears that Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union was not onlv fascist. it was an instantial case of right-wing extremism.

That’s from A. James Gregor – The Faces of Janus Marxism and Fascism in the Twentieth Century, and the point is as important now as ever.

When we talk about Fascism, Marxist-Leninism, Communism, Socialism, and Islamism, and we should add Scientism, Climatism, Medicalism (or COVIDism), convoluted left-right designations are distractions.

They all feature constrained or limited property rights, limiting or censored speech, and executive abridgment of the mechanism of parliamentary representation.  They desire, defend, or defer to a like-minded impenetrable, one-party bureaucracy (the swamp or Departments of Public Health). And you find increasingly constrained markets, easily intimidated courts, and limits on the free movement of the people. A state where citizens (increasingly) find themselves with no meaningful way to alter their government’s path to unlimited power.

The point, and it’s the point of the book The Faces of Janus Marxism and Fascism in the Twentieth Century, is that aside from the “color of the drapes,” no matter what label you stick to it, the result is the same. And it’s this sameness that matters.

They all infringe on and ultimately extinguish rights that our Constitutional Republic intended to be above and beyond any political power. Out of reach of politicians and bureaucrats.

Names or narratives to the contrary are misdirections. They, like the Marxists and Fascists of the 20th century, are fishing in the same pool and always have.

Today most of you woke up in an America burdened unnecessarily by clinical fascism (Covidism). A state of medically-induced martial law reminiscent of supremacies past.

Patriots recognize it for what it is. A program based on control of the messaging and the use of fear and intimidation to manipulate the population into embracing the state supremacy over individual rights and liberty.

And it has worked, even when there’s no proof it should.

The CDC’s own data show, after 7  months with varying degrees of Covidism show that the odds of dying once infected are almost nil except for those over the age of 70 and even their fatality rate is a fraction of a percent.

CDC Infection Fatality Ratios

Cases mean nothing. There is no crisis, and yet we can’t escape it.

The media, the (ruling class approved) medical community, Big Tech, Big Business, and even local governments are complicit in denying these truths, or even presenting them in their proper context, to the general population.

This. Is. Fascism.

Public Health is the new tyranny and they intend to keep it for all the reasons A. James Gregor outlined. Because those drawn to power are inevitably consumed by it, while only the people pay any price.