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The Truth About Income Inequality

The title, taken from the tax prof blog, is the simples beginning to this piece. Income inequality is a significant burr in the Left’s backside. Sorry, that’s not quite right. It is a burr they are trying to stick to everyone else backside. Class Warfare divides, but is it as bad as they claim?

Inequality is a Good Thing

Justice is an important concept. In all societies it is good from time to time to make an assessment of the justice system. To do that a determination of what has worked and what has not with respect to justice is required. A consensus must be reached on two points before beginning an assessment: The …

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Why work when the Government pays you more to NOT work full time?

Over at Don Surber’s place, he had this post on the observation of a newspaper owner on “why aren’t people going to work?” Short answer:  Government. The observation: why aren’t people taking $10 / hour jobs and be self supportive and independent of welfare “strings attached”? Longer Answer: Due to the welfare system, it pays …

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Maybe 1%er Richard Branson will load up all the #OWS protesters into the first Virgin Galactic space vehicle–and take half of Hollywood (also 1%ers) on a trip to right this universal wrong?