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How We Will Quickly Know Whether New Hampshire Has an Actual GOP Legislature

This is RSA 4:45 II, which addresses how a “state-of-emergency” declared by a New Hampshire Governor terminates:

II. (a) A state of emergency shall terminate automatically 21 days after its declaration unless it is renewed under the same procedures set forth in paragraph I of this section. The governor may, by executive order, renew a declaration of a state of emergency as many times as the governor finds is necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the inhabitants of this state.
(b) If the governor finds that maintaining the state of emergency is no longer justified, the governor shall issue an executive order terminating the state of emergency.
(c) The legislature may terminate a state of emergency by concurrent resolution adopted by a majority vote of each chamber. The governor’s power to renew a declaration of a state of emergency shall terminate upon the adoption of a concurrent resolution under this subparagraph; provided, however, that such resolution shall not preclude the governor from declaring a new emergency for different circumstances under paragraph I of this section. 

At the beginning of the year, we were told that COVID was 34-times more lethal than the flu. We now know that was wildly inaccurate and that COVID actually has the same lethality (IFR) as the flu – 99.9% do not die.

We also know how COVID is different from the flu. In relevant part, the at-risk population for COVID are the very elderly, the very obese and the immunocompromised.

To cut to the chase, if we do not declare a “state-of-emergency” every fall for the seasonal flu … which we don’t … then there is no rationale for maintaining a “state-of-emergency” for COVID. To reiterate, the overall lethality of COVID is the same as the flu AND we know the general population (more specifically, those who are not very elderly, very obese or immunocompromised) is actually more at risk from the seasonal flu than from COVID.

Given the above, a legislative body that is actually majority-GOP would end New Hampshire’s state-of-emergency as its first order of business.