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Our Republic Is Fading Into a Fear-Induced Neo-Fascism

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Our Republic is fading, and we are slipping into a fear-induced Neo-Fascism.  Fascism is identifiable by several characteristics.  First, a strong emphasis on the social hierarchy.  We are seeing this in the elevation of scientists above citizens.

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Second, policy actions are being taken by one person or a small group without any Constitutional constraint.  Earlier Legislative actions gave blank checks of power to Executives essentially lifting Constitutional constraints, in New Hampshire see RSA 4:45, III(e); and in some state’s legislatures suspended indefinitely further eroding Constitutional constraints.

Third, there is the use of dictatorial power.  This is easily evident by the fact that Executives across the country shut down the economy, and then at the behest of scientists leveraged the phased reopens and renewed shutdowns of the economy against various health, and surveillance demands (see, COVID Guidance NH.gov).

This leads us to the Fourth mark of fascism, strong regimentation of the economy and society.  Economic shutdowns, social distancing, imposed use of hand sanitizer and masks to work, testing, contact tracing, quarantines of healthy individuals, a high degree of regulation on the standards of care and prevention, surveillance, phased compliant dependent reopening of the economy, segregation of “essential” and “non-essential” individuals, and soon vaccinations delivered by the military.

Fifth, fascism requires forcible suppression of opposition. We see this more and more through suppression from big media and tech platforms who are banning anything that contradicts the Fauci-Gates narrative. We will also see this fifth point in the huge social pressure process that will be implemented through legislation like H.R. 6666, a.k.a the “COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”.

Sixth, a hyper-focus on Nationalism; and here is one point where I feel our current situation is a Neo-Fascism.  However we choose to see the shared language, history, culture, and thinking that often accompany Nationalism, in this case, they are found in the scientific establishment narratives and ideologies.  This transnational “medicalism” is attempting to force a scientific cultural assimilation, and so I believe it fulfills this sixth requirement; watch the comments by Italian politician Sara Cunial on her summary of the impending cultural assimilation.

Many of us don’t see this slip into Neo-Fascism because we believe that the unique fears and concerns of our time warrant a “new normal.”  The new normal that will be introduced by the scientific establishment Neo-Fascists (I like to use the term “Faucists”) will be evidence-based governance.

You will have freedom of religion when the evidence supports that right.

We will have a legislature at work when the evidence shows that it will be effective at assuaging concerns but ineffectual at inducing popular sovereignty.

You will have the right to choose what goes into your body (e.g. vaccinations) or is taken out of your body (e.g. testing) when the evidence allows for such a choice.

Don’t worry about unemployment or feeding your children, the evidence will tell us when that is a problem.

Your places of worship will be open when the evidence says so.

We will have the freedom of speech when the evidence shows that it will make us feel good and won’t challenge the establishment.

Your privacy will be important in so far as the evidence allows it.

But why?  Because a majority in a state of fear looked for reassurance of security and were willing to trade popular sovereignty and their God-given unalienable Rights for a constitution of evidence-based governance and the resulting Neo-Fascism.

And soon letters like this may be a haunting echo of a lost opportunity to say “No”.


Image: Ben Garrison