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My Thoughts on Facebook’s Tips on Building a Diverse and Inclusive Community

FB Diverse and Inclusive Community

As you may be aware, Facebook is threatening to deplatform the Grok Facebook Page. Antifa organized violence gets a pass, but we question the efficacy of masks or rigged election results, and we’re naughty. Community Standards, like mask mandates, are for other people.

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So, when I saw this—tips on Building a Diverse and Inclusive Community, I looked – looked but did not touch. I didn’t need to because we know what is behind the curtain.

Diversity and inclusion to the left is a room full of people who can look different and love different, but all believe the same things.

We are a world of many races, cultures, ideas, and languages, but you can only belong if you use that language to articulate their ideas.

And the obligation to conform is cult-like.

Facebook is a digital projection of this communitarian plantation and to help you get with their program, they offer a page filled with 10-15 minute reads about how you can build a diverse and inclusive community.

But that cake, as they say, is a lie.

Life, like arrows, mean we may come from a thousand different starting points, but to the Left, we must arrive at the same place. In the case of Facebook (and Twitter), universities, the media, entertainment, publishing, press rooms, locker rooms, and many workplaces, you must aim for and hit their target and no other.

Resistance is futile or, if you prefer Daleks or Vogons, resistance is useless.

The Left is a room full of people who look different but must believe the same things so that no other ideas are allowed to creep in and challenge the orthodoxy. It’s a cult.

The irony is that this is the opposite of diversity, and it undermines equality. The Left’s playbook creates division, disunity, inequality, and discrimination against the people they claim to champion by Leftists.

A black gay woman who openly questions the approved abortion or Trans dogma will be shamed, silenced, and even cast out.

We may disagree with one or more of those ideas but we’re not going to tell you you can’t have them or share them or defend them. We’ll tell you why we don’t agree but Facebook increasingly prohibits certain ideas so we find ourselves at cross purposes.

I want to use their platform to encourage a community of free speech, dialogue, and open debate with anyone willing to be civil enough to have it. They want us and our fans, friends, and followers to do things their way – to think or speak along the approved flight paths – or hit the highway.

When they talk about building a diverse community they mean attracting blacks, gays, women, or immigrants to a group who all think and speak according to Facebook’s template.

Find Grok Content on Parler  –  MeWe  –  Minds  –  Gab  –  Twitter  –  Codias

We’re not doing that.

Should we find ourselves on the curb, will we make it to Christmas, the ‘Grok will be fine. Our readers choose our Facebook access to get to our content and engage with each other. We do not need Facebook for that.

Yes, we’ll hang there until most of our audience has migrated (or we get the boot), but kicking us off might not produce the desired result. To borrow an “old” saying, “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Or something like that.

Motivate a blogger and see what happens.