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Warning: Facebook Is Going to Unpublish The Grok Facebook Page

FB Warning

We got a warning this morning. We are so bad. Ignoring Facebook’s edicts. Posting about the election fraud and how science proves face coverings do nothing. They’s had it with us. We are in danger of having our Facebook Page unpublished.

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This is as good a time as any to remind you that you can and should come directly to GraniteGrok.com. If you prefer some social media platform that alerts you to new content, please migrate to one of these, sign up and like, or follow us.

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We are in the early stages of developing a Grok App so that you won’t need social media at all, but that may be a while. Until then, please consider these alternatives or using some other newsreaders or RSS service that aggregates internet content. I use Feedly if you care.

I have not given up on the Facebook page, but if we can’t speak freely and report facts in evidence because a bunch of censorious left-wing statist pansies needs desperately to hide opposing opinions, well, we’re gonna get banned, and me with it.

Yes, if Facebook unpublishes the page as its owner, they will take me along too.

I imagine my world without Facebook, and it looks a lot like my world without network news.

Sunny and mild.

Chris Maidment contributed to this post.