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Election Reflection … Cellophane Over the Toilet Seat

Election Reflection

Election Day is long past so let’s indulge in a little election reflection. The results are not certified in enough places for the election result to be resolved. Maybe the reported election results are dishonest. It appears they are.

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Worse, about half this country believes the results as they appear in the media are dishonest.

This has never happened before in my lifetime. There have been both close and disputed elections. But the level of apparent vote fraud present in 2020 is without precedent. In terms of the feeling, perhaps you can assert this was what half the American electorate felt in 2000.

Many Democrats rejected the 2000 Supreme Court decision regarding Florida’s ballot counting. That was very different. No one was alleging widespread Republican fraud for George W. Bush. The issue in that election involved a faulty voting system. The faulty system resulted in hand recounts.

The hand recounts were done using differing ballot-counting standards from one jurisdiction to the next. At SCOTUS the justices joined to reach a 7-2 vote in ruling for Bush. The recounts could not constitutionally go forward. History is useful in finding such election reflection.

What is different this time is nearly half the country is far from certain Joe Biden was honestly elected. This truly is unprecedented in America. For good reason half this country believes; when Democratic Party officials believe they can get away with cheating, they do cheat. The Democrats have a history of ballot-manipulation. There is an even more compelling reason to believe Democrats would cheat.

For four years the Leftists have been saying; President Donald Trump is a dictator, a fascist, and a white supremacist. Leftists consider themselves moral individuals. When they work in tabulating election results and they do they are able to help prevent Trump’s reelection.

Logic, tolerance, and Leftist humor

Are willing to help prevent the reelection of a white supremacist fascist dictator… who they hate? Why wouldn’t they do so? It sure seems like they would feel morally obligated to do so. What does commonsense tell you about the temptation? Will this end up being our election reflection?

For four years the media have been waging war against Trump. The attacks come daily, hourly often. They are vicious personal attacks on Trump as a human being. Rarely has the discussion in the media been about his policies. Rarer still is a discussion of his accomplishments. The media is silent on the fact he has performed on the campaign promises he made.

His policies are beneficial to America. The point is nearly undisputed. The economic figures have been outstanding. America has the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded came from his policies. The world has witnessed a major weakening of Iran. At the same time, there has been a major strengthening of Israel and Israel-Arab peace.

The man has five Nobel Peace Prize Nominations which we hear nothing about. The media and the Democratic Party immersed the country in a three-year lie. They railed about the Trump campaign collusion with Russia. It is all horsefeathers. If there was corruption it was Democrat corruption covered up by the media. This time around more is required of us than simple election reflection. This time we must act to correct any issues uncovered.

Who knows where the election is going to wind up. There are more questions than answers right now. But from the few facts in evidence, this looks more like a case of Democrats putting cellophane over the toilet seat in the belief it is funny. Here’s hoping the joke is on them and the mess is worth the hassle.