While Dems Were Impeaching Trump FBI Sat on Biden Ukraine Collusion Evidence - Granite Grok

While Dems Were Impeaching Trump FBI Sat on Biden Ukraine Collusion Evidence


It looks like the FBI had possession of the now-infamous Hunter-Biden, porn, hookers, drugs, and collusion laptop nearly a year ago. The one with the email saying a high-ranking member of Burisma met with Joe Biden when he was VP.

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The timing is important because Democrats were busy impeaching Donald Trump for colluding with Ukraine last December. It seems likely – and this is just speculation – that the same politicized FBI that broke the law, ignored exculpatory evidence, and ran a years-long smear campaign based on “evidence” they knew to be false, was hiding it.

Biden has admitted publicly to the very thing the Democrats claimed was grounds to go after Donald Trump. His son Hunter has a very suspicious but well-compensated relationship with Ukraine and Burisma. There are significant money trails from Ukraine to the Biden crime family. And Ukraine is investigating corruption involving the Bidens in their country.

Joe lied about not knowing anything about his son’s business dealings, and there is credible evidence Joe was paid large sums and may have received half of the money Hunter was getting paid based on the new evidence.

Quite a compelling case.

And the FBI had the evidence in December of 2019 and sat on it.

Trump was impeached in December for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Made-up charges for a political witch hunt, with no actual evidence.

What are we going to charge the FBI with?

If Joe Biden gets elected, nothing. But they might get a parade, and we’ll get more of the same.