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What Is Great News for Normal People Is Bad News for the Media, and Leftist Politicians

The District of Columbia

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report for August says the U.S. economy is surging forward in strong recovery mode. September was more of the same. Sure 7.9% is not as pretty in comparison to the 3.5% rate in February. But that was before COVID-19 hit.

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Then again, in comparison to where we were in April, at 14.7% unemployment, this is a pretty damn good recovery.

Can you remember what happened when Biden and Obama were leading the attempted recovery from the last recession? Remember back in 2008-2009. Back then, it took more than three years to get unemployment below 8%. The achievement came this time in less than six months. That’s recovering six times faster. That’s pretty amazing. All for the price of some deregulation and lower taxes.

Central control or self-government, tyranny or freedom?

Great economic news should be exciting for everyone. But, what is great news for normal people is bad news for the media, and Leftist politicians. Both groups want a central government to micro-manage our lives. Remember when Rahm Emanuel said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste… it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

Emanuel was honest in his assessment. He was telling us in times of stress, when many are afraid, those in politics usurp power and control. We must understand what we were told. Leftists want power and control over the lives of others. They have an opportunity. They are trying to move in and take over. The question is will we let them? Which side are you on?

This is exactly what is happening now. Those who want to transform our nation. Those who want to end America as a free nation driven by capitalism are reaching for power. They will turn us into a socialist nation run by Leftist politicians. They see the current time of stress and uncertainty as opportunity. This is when Americans must show their insight and belief in freedom, life, and personal property.