Media Bias Displayed in Presidential Town Halls


October 15’s Presidential Candidate Town Halls revealed extensive media bias and a contrast of old plans and old promises versus rapid accomplishments. George Stephanopoulos rarely involved himself in VP Biden’s town hall, giving the audience and VP Biden time to ask and answer questions.

On NBC, Savannah Guthrie dominated President Trump’s town hall with her own questions, smears, and interruptions, leaving less time for audience questions and President Trump’s answers.


Dueling Trump Biden Town Halls

Biden smoothly answered soft-ball questions without being asked why he hasn’t implemented his solutions during his 47 years in Washington.  Biden admitted that his 1994 Crime bill was a mistake; why did a fix have to wait for President Trump?  Why didn’t Biden condemn the violent riots?  Biden’s racist comments, his friendships with racists including George Wallace and KKK (W.VA.) founder Senator Byrd, and his improprieties with women were ignored.  No one asked why he didn’t stop the offshoring of millions of good American jobs.  He wasn’t asked about his plan for making citizens of 22 million illegal aliens, giving them “free” healthcare paid for by citizens and legal residents; about his plan to overburden and destroy our already nearly bankrupt Medicare system; or his planned Federal control of the suburbs.  Nor was he asked about his corrupt use of his government offices to enrich himself and his family.

Biden, who botched America’s response to the H1N1 virus ( and whose Covid-19 plans mimic what Trump has already done, attacked President Trump’s response to Covid-19, while Dr. Fauci said Trump’s actions saved many thousands of lives and that he “can’t imagine anyone doing more” (

Ms. Guthrie falsely claimed that Trump didn’t condemn white supremacists and the KKK when asked by Chris Wallace; Trump condemned them when Wallace asked both in 2020 and in 2016, and about 20 other times on video.  After Charlottesville, Trump repeatedly condemned white supremacists and all hate groups, ( and  Only willful misrepresentation turns Trump’s statement into praise for any violence or hate, (  This smear is intended to scare minority voters who see that President Trump has done more to help minorities than Democrats ever did (  As opposed to Biden, President Trump could answer audience questions by describing his accomplishments in strengthening our country and helping the American people.

If anyone ever doubted whether there’s media bias for Democrats and against Republicans, it was on clear display Thursday night.  VP Biden answered soft-ball questions with old promises; President Trump answered hard-ball questions with facts and accomplishments.

For great-sounding promises that he hasn’t kept in 47 years, vote for Biden.  To continue making the world more peaceful and Americans wealthier, healthier, and safer, vote for President Trump!