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Facebook and Twitter Impose Censorship

Facebook and Twitter impose censorship.

Last week we saw Facebook and Twitter impose censorship on a New York Post story. The story is regarding Hunter Biden. Facebook has an audience of 2.7 billion people worldwide. Twitter is the largest news source worldwide today.

To get your story out, you can go to NBC News. They have 4 million viewers or you could go to Facebook. Facebook has about 675 times larger reach than NBC. When you ask young people where they get their news they do not say ABC News. They do not say The New York Times. Sixty eight percent say Facebook. That’s how powerful these tech companies are today.

Now let’s look at this story Biden story. It is explosive. This is a story that needs coverage. Turning it around; this story would receive coverage day and night if the subject was Biden’s opponent. If it were about Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump Sr. the coverage would be 24/7.

Think about it. If Donald Trump Sr. were the big guy the reporting would be different. If Donald Trump Jr. was having these crazy parties and going to these countries it would be different. Walking away with these massive deals would be a story if a Trump did it. Every network would camp outside the White House. And yet, because it is Biden, it’s crickets. It is wrong and it is dangerous.

So along comes Facebook. Facebook first censors this. Remarkably, Facebook has a very public policy stating it does not censor anything like this. They have a fact checking operation to which they turn this over. They have nine fact-checkers. But, there was no consultation with any of then on this. None… This is a problem.

Not only do they censor… they also demonetize, and stealthily skew

Facebook broke their own rules. The Poynter Institute, one of the organizations that do the fact-checking, blasted Facebook for breaking their own rules. This is really disingenuous. It shows the extent to which Facebook does not want this story in the news. They didn’t wait for fact-checkers. There’s nothing wrong with the story. They just said, “We’re not going to run it and that’s that.”

The big tech empires need to be brought into its proper perspective. This conduct needs to stop. At YouTube there are 5 billion, videos that air every day. Google controls 92% of search engines in the world today.

What that means is, if you’re Dennis Prager and you’ve got this incredible operation. It is an operation where you’ve got these videos that are top-shelf. They could be run at SMU or Yale or places of higher learning. Their quality is that good and yet YouTube demonetizes them.

Google comes up with incredible excuses for it. Prager does one on the Ten Commandments. Google says it’s too violent because of the fifth commandment. And they take down, they demonetize it. It’s total horse crap.

Google has been burying conservatives. Dr. Robert Epstein did a study. He’s a liberal Democrat. The study shows how by manipulation of the data, Google moved up to 3 million votes from Trump to Clinton in the last election. He’s shown that in this election Google is going to move up to 15 million votes. They are going from Trump to Biden through data manipulation.

Facebook and Twitter impose censorship. This is serious stuff. This is far more serious than anything we’ve ever seen before. This shows the tech companies have the power to decide who will be the president of the United States. If that doesn’t scare people, nothing will.