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Big Tech Intends to Defeat Trump … At all Cost

Big tech control and your freedom

Big Tech has been attacking conservatives for years but more recently they have shifted gears. Now they include classic liberals as the enemy too. Censorship is vast and fully surfacing following the suppression of the New York Post.

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It is so pervasive it is difficult to learn about it by merely digging up articles. Allum Bokhari articulates the process in “#Deleted: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.” He explains how the action is taken under the rationale of doing something else.

These are excuses to crack down on conservative content. They include “fake news,” “misinformation,” “hate speech,” “harassment” and even “bots.”

Twitter employees admit when an account has a certain number of words they delete it. They claim it is a bot. Words such as “guns” and “God” in their profile are or can be triggers.


Dr. Robert Epstein explained Big Tech election manipulation to Congress. He testified how Google shifted 2.6 to 10.4 million users to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Experiments show how certain candidates receive favor over others. This is one based on biased search results.

On Google that means showing negative results about conservative candidates. It also implies positive results about left-leaning candidates at the top of search results. On Facebook, when a certain video influences a conservative. And, if it results in them taking a less conservative viewpoint. Then Facebook will push the video so it shows up higher in the newsfeed of other conservatives.

The problem is the internet is no longer runs like the free market. There has been a corporate takeover of the web. It has become an oligopoly. The control belongs to a handful of Big Tech companies. Big Tech intends to defeat Trump

There are free market conservatives resisting taking any measures against Big Tech. They refuse to admit the internet degeneration into an oligopoly. They recommend creating our own competing tech companies. But because the internet is now an oligopoly this is no longer possible. Conservative tech companies cannot get anywhere.

You can’t get there from here

Politically, best case, we are in a Baptists and Bootleggers situation. The Tech companies are adroitly coordinating different interests to accomplish Big Tech’s aims. It is a dangerous situation for America’s liberties. Worse still is the amalgamation of Big Tech with Big Government. We can see in China how repressive the result will be.


Gab is an example of an attempt at an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Its founding is expressly as a place for free speech with no censorship or bans. Big Tech is trying to block it out of existence. Apple bans the Gab app from its App Store. Google bans it from the Google Play Store.

Gab’s cloud hosting provider, domain name registrar, and payments processor dropped the company. Why? The assertion; Gab allowed a terrorist to use its platform. Think about that for a minute. It is bizarre. How many terrorists have been using and continue to use the Big Tech platforms?


About 43% of Americans get their news from Facebook. You can’t survive in conservative media without it. Facebook’s plan was to get people to move from the right to the center. Facebook’s newsfeed change in January 2018 destroying far more conservative pages than leftist.

They have a “hate agent” list that includes people like Candace Owens. Facebook tracks what people do offline too. They use their associations with “hate” (as defined by Facebook) against them.

Facebook is forcing the right to de-network itself, online and offline as part of a strategy to defeat Trump. Not that they will stop when he is gone even if it is four more years from now.