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Constitutional Takings From Sea to Not so Shining Seattle

CHAZ City 206 Wikicommons - The Seattle Autonomous Zone

When Seattle aided and abetted the autonomous zone (CHOP), depriving people of the means and or enjoyment of their property, was that unconstitutional taking? That is the question, and a judge just allowed the lawsuit meant to answer it, to go to trial.

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The ruling by US District Court Judge Thomas S. Zilly dismissed a motion by the City of Seattle to end the lawsuit against it by business and property owners from the Capitol Hill district.

“Plaintiffs allege that the City “adopted a policy supporting the CHOP occupation, acting with deliberate indifference toward those suffering harms from it.”

A quick review of the claims outlined in the judges ruling paint a picture as clear as vodka, which is summarized here from the same decision.

[T]hat the City and the Mayor officially supported the establishment of an autonomous zone within CHOP’s boundaries, that the City provided concrete barriers, medical supplies, washing/sanitation facilities, portable toilets, lighting, and other material support to CHOP participants (citations removed).

Add to this the public statements and other actions by Mayor Jenny Durkan and her administration, the loss created probably represents an unconstitutional taking. I hope they win the day. Not that Liberal taxpayers will think twice when the ‘City’ has to pay damages. Thinking is by far the gravest threat to the march of Marxism.

The Utopia Omelet requires Leftists to break all the eggs for which (someone else will pay for) but that someone is not ‘The Government’ it is the taxpayers. They are the someone else paying reparations, health care costs, that living wage, and the debt service that makes all of that look like pocket change. But Democrats can’t reveal the secret ingredient hidden under the cover marked “rich people.”

It’s you, working stiff and business gal. The fight for fifteen isn’t about good-paying jobs it is about institutionalized joblessness. Abortion is eugenics. Health Care and Energy takeovers are not about your body, your choice, or the planet.

The Socialist economic system soaks the Middle Class to feed the corpulence of the ruling class and the machine of government.

Poor people get nothing because they have nothing but votes, and they’ll take them until voting no longer matters, at which point they are no longer just poor; they are of no use. Mouths to feed. Baby machines. A drag on the utopia. Read some history. The new socialism is no different than the old.

The government takes everything, including the once rarely considered notion that you had a right to compensation if the State used force to deny you the use and enjoyment of your property. You no longer have either the right or the property.

And this conjured another thought. How is the imposition of Emergency Orders during the Flu d’etat not similarly a taking? Entire businesses went under, employees deprived of work and income, and an unknown number of lives ruined or lost.

The Casedemic continues to plague us with very little evidence that the motivation is remotely as dangerous as advertised. This means that the state has literally, to paraphrase a quote from the character Will Mummy in the movie Unforgiven, “[taken] away everything he’s got and everything he’s ever gonna have.”

From the same ruling,

[I]n DeShaney, the Court held that where the local government affirmatively acts to “restrain[] the individual’s freedom to act on his own behalf—through incarceration, institutionalization, or other similar restraint of personal liberty,” such actions may give rise to a substantive due process claim.

More has been taken than we can ever know, under the tyrannical auspices of something as nebulous as “public health.” If someone doesn’t make the government pay for that, there is precious little we can ever do to prevent any injustice that those drawn to positions of power can imagine.