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EPIC! -> “Americans don’t get ruled!”

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat and a FABULOUSLY wealthy businessman is part of the family that owns the Hyatt Hotels. He Effectively “bought” the Governorship from what I have read. His problem, like many Governors at this time: they think they’ve been elected Kings and Queens.


“Why are illegal immigrants more important than Americans?”

Scott Presler is famous for doing jobs Democrat Sanctuary City Politicians won’t do. Clean up the streets of their cities. Improve the conditions of neighborhoods and homeless camps. Stop talking and start doing. But he has a question for them. One he says they seem incapable of answering.

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Democrats Care More About Illegal Aliens Than…

Why do Democrats care more about illegal aliens than homeless Americans in the streets?  That’s the Scot Presler question. Mr. Presler is the man who has been voluntarily cleaning up garbage accumulated in Democrat-run cities. He’s not drawing big crowds, but the question is still pretty poignant.

Winning in Trump’s Economy.

Winning in Trump’s Economy

Who is winning in Trump’s economy? In his State of the Union address the President rolled out an eye-catching statistic.  He said the wealth held by the poorest half of American households increased three times as fast as the wealth held by the “1%” under his administration.  Wealth means net worth.  This is true according …

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