To stop this nonsense takes only one action - the courage to say "No" - Granite Grok

To stop this nonsense takes only one action – the courage to say “No”

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WHY should someone be guilty of something that happened 75 years ago (or further back into antiquity)? Were they there to actually participate in what (in this instance) the “Woke” Left  – in the persons of Black Lives Matter or in the persons of Social Justice Warriors – now considers sinful?

Japanese girl Pearl Harbor

In both instances, these children are barely talking not to speak of being able to achieve agency and independent action and thought.

Is this little Japanese girl really responsible for the actions of the Japanese Emperor Hirohito in approving his military’s attack on US soil? Is she to be forever guilty for something even her grandparents weren’t alive for at the time?

No, she isn’t – but according to The New Morality, the SJW Morality, the BLM Morality, she will ALWAYS be guilty. Oh, wait!

BLM isn’t saying anything to the little tyke immediately above just the one at the top who happened to be born White. SHE, according to them, will ALWAYS be responsible for the sins of people in her “White” past even if her ancestors weren’t even on US soil until the last century. According to BLM and the other race-baiters pushing “White Guilt,” “White Fragility” and “White Oppression” are “forever in time” and must be apologized for…

…forever. You see, there can never be any absolution for any White Person – you have been put into BLM purgatory as if it were Hotel California.

‘Cept one thing – that was the ruse being pulled off in the beginning when the BLM marches really were peaceful, among Whites (pretty much, Liberals who generally feel guilty about anything and everything and this was the “new” sin to be adopted) who got sucked into the con. Now that we’ve been watching BLM / Antifa riots the entire summer with wide swaths of a large number of Democrat-dominated (sometimes for decades) cities laid waste with killing and lots of injuries, the bloom is long gone from that rose (if it ever was a rose and not a Venus Fly Trap). Their intent is really clear – assaulting innocents and those that dissent, setting fires, massive destruction, calling for revolution, telling inhabitants to just leave their houses for Blacks to take, demanding massive trillions for reparations – and making it clear that their end game is for a complete dissolution of the United States as it now stands. No nuclear family, Capitalism completely replaced with a Socialist / Communist system, defunding police, no prisons…the list goes on.

This isn’t about race relations – this is now about Revolution being fomented by using Marxist techniques of Divide and Conquer with race being the impetus.

No, neither little girl is responsible, nor should EVER feel any guilt or responsibility for what is going on today, period. Regardless of the awful projection of the BLM/SJW Morality as the forever standard in which to view the past, present, and future.

To stop this nonsense takes only one action – the courage to say “No”.

(Image H/T: Powerline)