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Federal Funds

Santa Came Early This Year to the Swamp

Many Americans are settling in for the holidays. The bi-partisan swamp in DC has already given itself gifts from you. Santa came early this year to the swamp. It arrived last Monday night. Ho, Ho, Ho… The joke’s on you.

Never let a good emergency go to waste

Congress Never Met a Dollar they Did not Want to Waste

The U.S. House is unveiling its new “minibus” spending package.  It is a bill “to keep the federal government funded in the short-term”. This is the second such bill this year for that purpose. Doesn’t it kind of make you want to actually have a budget?

American Federalism

American Federalism Put to the Test

We are about to find out whether American federalism is being put to the test or put to the sword. Illinois Democrats passed a state budget over the weekend.  It kind of makes you wonder why New Hampshire’s legislature is still flubbing around.