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American Federalism

American Federalism Put to the Test

We are about to find out whether American federalism is being put to the test or put to the sword. Illinois Democrats passed a state budget over the weekend.  It kind of makes you wonder why New Hampshire’s legislature is still flubbing around.

Trump Budget Proposal Cuts the Size of the Federal Government

Trump Budget Cuts the Size of the Federal Government

President Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 does something we should support. The proposed budget would reduce the size and reach of the federal bureaucracy.  That is a good thing. It is a step in the right direction. As important is the way he has chosen to do this too is significant.

Follow the money

Follow the Money

I have been working on both State and County Budgets for over two decades. One handy rule I use in analyzing why the money is in the budget is “Follow the Money.” This simple rule leads one to find out the why this got included. Who benefits? Where does the money come from?


Tales from the BudComm – The “two bites at the apple” edition

Last night, again, was the public hearing for the Town and School District; my previous post covered the discussion of getting the Budget Committee to endorse siphoning off peoples’ tax monies to “charities” that live off government tax monies (else they’d go belly up). This was is about the School Board trying to have their …

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