Notable Quote - Liberty? - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – Liberty?

Liberty is freedom from Government - Von Mises

How can liberty be anything other than negative?  Liberty is the absence of external control.  Only in our age of collective thinking and untidy language could such a thing as “positive liberty” be conceived.  The state power to coerce is not liberty.

-Bruce Walker (Negative Liberties and Obama Newspeak)

Because Socialists never talk about that in Government having to GIVE you something as a result of “positive Rights”, they NEVER talk about the counter balancing of giving which is taking. That is, in order to give someone something, they first must take things away from others. Oh, sure, they may quietly say “everybody has to pay their fair share” but “fair” is such an arbitrary and capricious thing – it always comes down to “the rich” and as we have seen with AOC and Bernie, it would result in an almost total confiscation of someone’s wealth.

And there are ALWAYS apologists that will stand up for them and their thievery even in the face of the Right to Private Property.

(H/T: GraniteGrok)