Kicking Dead "Donkeys" That Aren't Quite Dead Yet (Again, and Again...) - Granite Grok

Kicking Dead “Donkeys” That Aren’t Quite Dead Yet (Again, and Again…)

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If you’ve ventured out your front door, with or without a by-your-leave from one of America’s “Regional Governors” to quote GrandMoff Tarkin, you may have noticed some strange behavior amongst the peasantry.

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They’ve all got tiny diapers on their faces.

I’m not saying the gesture is completely useless. Most of what people (on the left) say these days belongs in a diaper—even these tiny g-string versions. But it’s not just them. If we were to wield with any abandon, wild or otherwise, the term not medically necessary, we couldn’t walk more than a few feet without scoring points.

About 98% of the face-diaper-wearing public could do themselves a lot of good by leaving the things in their dirty, lint-filled pockets. Covered as they are with the exhaled disease of their obsessive desire to believe whatever the “Regional Governors” and their Rasputin-like local Health Department homonculi tell them.

News Flash! They don’t know everything and they are not looking out for your best interests. And there’s no shortage of evidence around to prove that. We have multiple studies and testimony by medical professionals from around the globe, none of them public employees or advisors to them, who say, wearing masks doesn’t work and it may be bad for you.

Slimy, opportunistic politicians drawn to power insist we ignore this contrary evidence and do what the weasels say.

I say no, and just say no. Become a chorus no and a rather large one. The state is abusing you. Even this judge in PA agrees. No, that is probably not as convincing as medical professionals but he’s talking about the constitutionality, not the medical science, so he’s hit the bullseye.

Public Health is not a good excuse for tyranny, and because we could never grow weary of providing examples, even if it were, the face diapers don’t do, for lack of a better word, squat even in pursuit of that tyranny.

And we have this guy who has been an anesthesiologist with 36 years. He has some experience with medical masks and their true purpose, which is not, as the label on the box reminds us, to prevent virus transmission.

Lots of useless nothing there and then some which makes wearing a mask a sign of obedience and not much else. Kneel before Zod!

As a bonus, we’ve got this bloke from down-under and a friend of his pointing out that the drug that shall not be named is both safe and effective at treating the thing the face-diaper babies are trying to protect themselves from, if, in fact, as rare as that might be, they should contract it and have to be hospitalized.

None of which is permissible conversation except in certain company and not on most social media platforms because they are all braying Donkeys “in this together.” And if it was just them, who could hardly care, but it’s not.

They are not just out to get us they are out to get us out of talking about things that contradict the approved narratives, thus the strange headline. A rhetorical kicking of the narrative of the left, the one that won’t die but must.

And as the judge plainly notes in his ruling,  “the authority of government is not unfettered’ even (and I would add especially) with the good intention of addressing a public health emergency. Complete with a shelf-life because the next judge might be like, no, it’s all good.

The Face-Diaper-wearing peasants will be like, okay. And the Face-Diaper-Mandating Busy-Bodies will continue to vex me. So get out there and vote (in-person) and show the bums (where the diaper really belongs) the door!