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California Made Their Own Electricity policy – The Feds Should Let Them Sit in The Dark.

California blackouts

We have “Shades of The Daily Sun and now-former reporter Mike Kitch, who believed that anyone with money should have it taken from them by their politicians, to bail out folks whose own politicians have screwed them over for years.

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The current application of this thesis is that California has SO screwed up their energy policies that they’ve had rolling blackouts again and in the middle of a heatwave.

As far as I’m concerned, let them sit and sweat and stumble around in the dark.

If the people in California were smart enough, they’d gather together with torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers, stocks and rotten tomatoes. And start in on their politicians for thinking that THEY could successfully “manage” the State to 100% “renewable” energy.

The politicians passed the bills that shut down their nuke plants and their coal plants and a lot of remaining natural gas plants. It has gotten to the point where California has successfully cleaned its air (wildfires excepted) by outsourcing its electrical generation to other states who are also in that heatwave.

Guess what’s happening next?

The Feds Just Threw a Lifeline to California During Energy Crisis

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on Sunday that Sec. Dan Brouillette, in response to an urgent request from the state of California, issued a Section 202 (c) emergency order to help prevent California’s already-faltering power grid from being completely overwhelmed.

 “I hereby determine that an emergency exists in California due to a shortage of electric energy, a shortage of facilities for the generation of electric energy, and other causes, and that issuance of this Order will meet the emergency and serve the public interest,” reads a letter from the Assistant Secretary for Electricity Bruce Walker.

The DOE order authorizes the emergency use of stationary and portable generators, as well as auxiliary engines on board ocean-going vessels berthed in California ports. The order suspends any laws, regulations or permits limiting the use of these power-generating machines. The order is set to expire just before midnight on September 13.

“The Secretary concurs with the California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO) that a grid reliability emergency exists which demands immediate federal intervention,” said DOE spokeswoman Shaylyn Hines in a statement.

Other causes, that’s rich.

What a weasel way of saying what I just did more plainly, you broke it. But instead of then saying “you pay for it,” the Feds basically said, “ok, we will overrule all of your laws and regulations and policies you made over the last 5 decades to cover up YOUR mistakes.”

Think that will engender any long term gratitude from the One Party (er, Democrat) State?

Instead of turning to the Feds, how about looking at all the barriers to generating your OWN electricity, especially that unelected, unaccountable, and unassailable CARB (California Air Resource Board), FIRST? Nope. Why bother when someone else can swoop in and save them from the consequences of bad decisions (it’s the Socialist way, by the way – make somebody else pay).

No, because they will refuse to learn from it and fix their own horribleness (i.e., “perhaps we need to build some of our own dispatchable energy sources”). There’s no lesson to be learned by people from if “enablers” (the Feds) continue to rescue those same people from their own failures.

No, as the piece says, they are too busy micro-managing and social engineering everyone else to their Progressive version of Utopia. Which, as many of we Conservatives have pointed out for decades, is someone else’s Dystopia. After all, Third World countries keep running out of electricity all the time (re: that shining example of Socialism, Venezuela. Or that other one of full-blown Communism: North Korea).

Sorry, this half-hearted excuse of an “I told you so” doesn’t make it:

“While the Secretary has offered this emergency assistance to California in this time of crisis, he also encourages state policymakers to evaluate why the grid is not able to handle extreme stress, which could be alleviated with the support of greater baseload power generation and natural gas supply,” said Hines.

No, in my ever so humble opinion, the Feds should have said:

Nope, not gonna do it. You DELIBERATELY put you and your subjects into this situation, get yourselves out of it. Stop acting like we’re your parents and bailing you out all the time.

Maybe, just MAYBE, if they did, the former citizens of California would realize the harm that’s been done to them by their elected representatives.

But no, they won’t – they’ve been voting these chuckleheads for years. Didn’t learn then, aren’t learning now, won’t learn in the future.

“Fifty Laboratories of Democracy” is the saying – and Dan Feltes, running as the Progressive candidate for NH Governor, wants to mimic that here in NH? We don’t get the same kind of heatwaves that California gets – but they don’t have the cold winters that we do, either. But Dan the Man wants us to heat our homes with solar electricity – in those long subzero nights in January and February.

Remember, NH – California should be viewed as a warning for us…that is, if we can just get Republican NH State Senator Jeb Bradley to stop micro-managing our energy marketplace, we might be able to reduce my Eversource bill…

(H/T: Townhall)

Turn off your AC, California!