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You Can Help Prevent Forest Fires – Stop Electing Democrats


The same Democrat party whose poor urban management left American cities to burn is blaming you for not preventing forest fires in Democrat run-states. Their poor forest management is on your shoulders as well. Sound familiar?

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Democrat California, where police protection is now a luxury alongside housing, and electricity, was already “on fire.” Its massive tracts of untended woodlands are always waiting to burn. And every year, we get the same story.

It gets dry, someone gets careless, and millions of acres choked with dead wood lights up like a Christmas tree. That’s your fault and you should be made to pay.

I know, how could people, even Democrats in New Hampshire – which is about 90% forested – during a drought, not be a feature of Nancy Pelosi’s talking points on Climate Change?  Forced to evacuate their homes, leaving behind their 20,000 dollar twin fridges to run from our angry earth-mother.

Why are Granite Stater’s not suffering from out-of-control climate-induced wild-fires?

The simplest answer to the New Hampshire question is that Democrats have not often run the state nor for very long.

Were we to succumb to the Northeastern trend and allow our state to become a perpetual LZ for Long-term left-wing leadership, we too could be on television every night—wide shots of smoke-filled skies with glowing nighttime horizons.

Another sad tale told by idiots about left-wing idiots who made it all possible.

Because none of this has anything to do with earth mothers or even middle-class families driving cars big enough to carry them home to three and four-bedroom Colonials (with central air), it has to do with Democrats. It’s not systemic racism,  nor is it global warming climate change. It’s Democrats.

They are either doing it on purpose or systemically incompetent. In either case, they destroy everything they touch.

Yes, you can help prevent forest fires, rolling blackouts, rioting-cities, and even systemic racism, but to do that, you have to stop electing democrats.

Connect the dots. All the things that can and do go wrong lead back to years of Democrat rule.