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Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

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Joe Biden and the Democrat Party platform support abortion. They support late-term abortion. They support taxpayer funding of abortion. Did you hear anything about that at the Democratic National Convention? Nope. Why is that?

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The Democratic 2020 platform calls for federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

The Democrat platform calls for overturning state laws restricting abortion access. It calls for repealing the Hyde Amendment. The Democrat platform calls for codifying Roe v. Wade.

The Hyde Amendment prohibits the use of federal taxpayer money for abortions. It enjoys widespread support. Even self-identified Democrats are split on the issue of federal funding of abortion.

Not popular

Nearly half of U.S. adults told Gallup they consider abortion an important factor in their voting.

The extreme position the Democrats are pushing is not popular with mainstream America. They have to downplay their extremism if they want to win. But extremism is extremism. We all know it when we hear it and see it. In 2020 the Democrats have gone extreme Left.

Joe Biden used to be pro-life. He used to believe that pre-born life deserves support. He used to believe babies born alive deserve support. Biden used to be Catholic.

The Biden campaign is taking note that the extreme position is going to hurt his campaign. They just aren’t doing anything about it.

The RNC is highlighting the issue. The Trump administration is partnering with the pro-life movement. Mike Pence and Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote introductions for Dannenfelser’s new book, “Life is Winning.” Its release is this week.

The Trump campaign is embracing the abortion issue. The Republican National Convention will feature Abby Johnson. She is a former Planned Parenthood executive. Today she is a pro-life activist.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List said, “Abortion extremism is a losing issue for Democrats and they appear to know it: Not one speaker uttered the word ‘abortion’ during last week’s Democratic National Convention… [Johnson’s] powerful story of speaking out against the abortion lobby complements the unprecedented policy accomplishments made by the Trump-Pence administration on this issue.”

Conservative interest groups also criticize the Democratic Party’s platform. They are calling on the Trump campaign to put the issue front and center. Terry Schilling is the executive director of the American Principles Project. He says Trump should make clear Biden and the DNC platform does not represent “mainstream positions.”

He said,”… President Trump and Republicans would be smart to drive this message home in the weeks ahead…”


America is conflicted on abortion. Clearly, specific planks of the Democratic Party’s platform are out of step with opinion polling. One such plank is repealing the Hyde Amendment. Biden is reversing his long-standing support for the Hyde Amendment. He did so at the beginning of his presidential bid. That was when he decided to go along and get along with the rest of the leftist’s primary contestants.

The Democrats “claim” to want to protect immigrants at the border. They “claim” to want to protect people from gun violence. In these areas, the Democratic Party “claims” to support human rights. They “claim” to protect people from violence against the LGBT community.

But what do they want to do with this innocent little baby in the womb? They advocate for killing it. It’s just completely inconsistent. Are they lying about what they want to protect or lying about what they want to kill? Why should there be taxpayer funding of abortion at all? It’s just a question? But shouldn’t it be answered before you vote?