Emergency order will change state motto - Granite Grok

Emergency order will change state motto

new plates clean -Public Health Trumps everything

A source close to the governor has indicated that another emergency order will be issued in the next few days, changing the state motto from Live Free or Die  (which is now obsolete) to Public Health Trumps Everything  (a direct quote from the governor, which more accurately reflects the new reality within the state).

License plates bearing the new motto will be available starting May 4, and all plates bearing the obsolete motto must be exchanged for plates with the new motto by July 4, after which anyone driving with an expired plate will be subject to a fine of $500.

The justification for the change is to protect the mental health of residents of the state, who are now spending too much time, and experiencing too much frustration, trying to reconcile the old motto with the new reality.

Road signs around the state bearing the obsolete motto will updated as federal highway funds become available.