What do you expect in cities run by Democrats forever? - Granite Grok

What do you expect in cities run by Democrats forever?

Riots in minneapolis

Ms. Burke (July 17, The Daily Sun) is apparently laboring under the delusion that regular citizens, who chose to attend the Laconia rally while armed, somehow are siphoning funds from Wu-Flu testing. What can one say to that? I’ve got nothing.

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Mr. Hawley (July 23) is distressed that townhouses and condominiums are being built in Laconia. He believes that low-income housing should be built instead. Does he realize that developers are building such structures because they believe that their risk will pay off (sorry) with a profit?

His suggestion that Laconia institute “rent control” (i.e., require below-market-rate rents) illustrates that he has little experience of the reducing effect that such control actually has on available housing. (Hint: rent control does not increase the supply of affordable housing.) He also seems unaware that, when the income from controlled units falls below the cost of maintenance, the degree of maintenance also decreases.

I have an alternative suggestion for Mr. Hawley: perhaps he can build the low-income housing he desires. He can use your own funds, solicit funds from investors, or some combination. We look forward to his success.

The presence of federal agents protecting federal property (AP July 23) seems to distress a number of people. Have people noticed that the local authorities in those cities have not, for various reasons, been doing their jobs? I’m hoping that people can differentiate between 1st Amendment expression and arson, vandalism, theft, and battery. (I don’t want to talk about the potential spreading of COVID during mass gatherings where people are yelling and shouting right now. We’ll save that for later.)

One last question, what do these cities have in common: Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Boston, Albuquerque, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco? It’s in these localities that rioters and looters are pretending to be “peaceful protesters.” Here is where we now hear calls to defund the police. Here is where we used to hear calls for more gun control. (That seems to have quieted down — for now.) Some of these locales have had violent events for weeks, even before George Floyd’s death.

Give up? Want the answer? The cities (and usually the states) have been run by Democrats for decades.