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Home Schooling interest rises as public schools/teachers unions make it plain they’re ignoring their employers – Parents/Taxpayers

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I think the educational-industrial complex is starting to really rile up a lot of parents to the point that they are beginning to really realize who works for whom.

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All around me in NH I hear stories that the local teacher unions don’t want their members to return to work unless a whole list of demands are met. Some are valid – others are not. In big school districts, teachers are not just demanding things that one would think “belong” to schools but Medicare for All, police defunded, a Wealth tax enacted, public housing, public health, and Federal “bailouts” of shoddily run school districts. My response was:

How about the risk of losing your jobs for being bigger than your britches?

I was thinking about the mostly captured and effete School Boards, all elected officials, thinking “those unions put me in these seats and they can take me out” but starting to realize those unions will be outweighed as a voting bloc by outraged parents trying to cope with either kids at home all the time or always-rotating schedules that would make it all but impossible to actually work to put food on the table, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. Too big for their britches – and if the School Boards realized that, a number of teachers (maybe a big number) would be enjoying the equivalent of unemployment staycations. But that would require a lot of backbone.

Or this – if students are no longer showing up, why would Districts need all those teachers (and staff):

When schools closed early this year to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, this mom of four says she didn’t have to worry about her children’s education. “I had a number of parents concerned about their child getting behind because they weren’t finishing that last little bit of their school semesters,” she said. “It wasn’t something in my mind. I didn’t have to worry about my child getting behind or even in the future.”

Walters volunteers as the media director for the homeschooling organization Midwest Parent Educators. She says more parents are inquiring about homeschooling. “We’re getting a number of phone calls and emails from parents that specifically requesting workshops, or help on how to homeschool, and what does that look like,” Walters told Fox News. “They also have questions about the curriculum and if they have other options other than virtual public schools.”  Interest is growing nationwide.

It sure is. Michelle Levelle (full disclosure: she writes for GraniteGrok from time to time on both Second Amendment issues and Homeschooling – wish she’d write MORE!) is the head of Granite State Home Educators, a group that supports those that have had it with Public Schools because of poor schooling results, violence and drugs in schools, and ideologies taught other than what parents have at home. Or any OTHER reason as well. She told me that she is fielding up to 40 queries a week from Parents looking to pull their kids out of the Government schools and teach them at home or with homeschooling co-operatives (where parents teach the subjects they know well and have other parents teach their specialties).

I’ll be interviewing her next week to give her side of the story as it is clear that both the NH Media, the Teachers Unions, and the Democrat Party (NH Dem Chair Ray Buckley and NH State Senator Jeanne Dietsch) are all trying to denigrate this movement. After all, for the latter two, this is an existential threat politically – less students means less money coming into the school systems, less teachers means less members for teachers unions coffers, which means less laundered tax money for Democrat propaganda and elections).

ALL of them forget the major point – child education is the Parents responsibility the best way they know how. Given that Parents are already looking for alternatives, it is clear that those three entities have lost the Trust of their customers, employers, and voters.

Maybe there’s a great upside to this Pandemic after all!