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Democrat City Councilor Decides that Laws are for the Little People

Zandra Rice Hawkins

Progressives (and those with something to hide) have got to “Progress.” In this case, Zandra Rice-Hawkins, City Councilor in Concord, and the Exec. Director of the out-of-state-funded Granite State Progress (who seeks to “fundamentally transform” New Hampshire) decided that Laws are for the little people.

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Besides, we have to “evolve” Concord, right? By any means possible as long as I can get that next incremental step to my “Concord Utopia on Earth”, eh?

In this case, weaponizing the City of Concord via the Black Lives Matter movement. Just another old white rich gal joining in on the bandwagon. From Patch, who broke this “emails out of public eye” story. Zandra Rice-Hawkins decided that she was above the RSA 91:A Right To Know law and its intent to keep constituents in the loop. After all, it’s supposed to be THEIR city, not hers. A bit long (reformatted, emphasis mine):

On June 1st, Ward 10 Councilor Zandra Rice Hawkins sent two emails to the mayor, city manager and police chief. In her first email she asks if the city or the police department had issued a statement concerning the death of George Loyd. She goes on to state; “If not, I would like for this [to] be done.” She further states: “Please let me know how I can be of assistance, if any, and in any case let me know your willingness on issuing a statement from one or more of our official channels so that I know how to best proceed. Thank you.”

And how would this be any different than her doing the same from her Uber-partisan organization?  Instead of Granite State Process, she has just switched hats. Same ideological patter, different weaponized entity (and yes, that is what she is trying to do).

Seattle of the East?

The obvious issue with this email is it appears a councilor (without the consent of the full body of the city council) is directing the city manager to have the administration make a statement; “If not, I would like for this [to] be done.”

Had this been Rice Hawkins only email, it may have resulted in a reminder that individual councilors are not permitted to direct members of the administration on how to perform their jobs or what they should be doing. But that is not what happened.

During a span of approximately two weeks, over 20 emails were circulated between Rice Hawkins and members of the city council. The reason it appears she is not technically in violation of the State’s Right to Know law is that a quorum of members of the city council appear to not have responded to her. But the full extent of contacts and conversations between members of the city council would be difficult to determine, even after the Right to Know request.

As “organizations” get larger, it gets easier to play this “hide the boots” (an old joke about boots and expense reports – “Try to find it!”). Now, if it is a private organization, that’s their business and their business alone. Not true in public governance.

It seems that Zandra Rice-Hawkins was up to her regular modus operandi – skulking around in the shadows to “nudge” policy that fits her out-of-state Masters’ wishes. Remaking NH from its “Live Free or Die” ethos and outlook into a Progressive Collective that all but eliminates our history of People over Government – and keeping Government tightly wrapped up to stay out of our business.

Well, she just can’t stand that philosophy, now, can she?

On June 9th, at 3:44PM, Councilor Rice Hawkins sent emails to members of the city council, the city manager and the police chief regarding a statement on Black Lives Matter, racism and police brutality. In this email she acknowledges it is her understanding “…it would be inappropriate to have a back and forth conversation over email…”

But following that email a flood of emails from and to her from other councilors ensued. Here’s just one example from At-Large Councilor Byron Champlin; “Thanks for putting this in play. Let me know when you have time to talk.”

On June 15th, Rice Hawkins emails Champlin about “…requesting a non-public session to further discuss the exact language?” And in a separate email to the mayor; “Thanks for the conversation over the weekend and talking everything thru. I’ll use the comments section tonight as you recommended to advance the ideas of a council statement. My intention is to make a motion for the City Council to issue a statement and to request a non-public session to further discuss the exact language.”

This is what happens when a “Community Organizer” does when handed the Levers of Power within Government. What should be in the Public Square goes into those deep dark corners of Government where all kinds of “non-public” session can happen – without such notice to the public. After all, not everyone is on board for this kind of “governance”; Rice-Hawkins had no mind that there would be those that would be against such a declaration.

But they don’t count – they become the usual Socialist “collateral damage” along the way to a more GLORIOUS Heaven on Earth!

Naw, they don’t count at all; Narrative and all that, dontchaknow. But here’s the REAL operative question:

When Rice Hawkins acknowledged on June 9th, that it was her understanding that “a back and forth conversation over emails” is not permitted, why did numerous councilors respond to her emails and why did she appear to solicit their comments?

Which gives rise to two more questions:

  1. Was Rice-Hawkins the one that has tainted the Council because of her ideology?
  2. Or has the Council been like this for a long time before she came on board?

And even more important – what ELSE is going on that the citizenry of Concord don’t know about?

Trust, Zandra Rice-Hawkins, is paramount within Government. Lose that, you lose the consent of the people. Yeah, I know, a very foreign concept for Progressives that believe once Power has been acquired, it is always theirs to hold. What else have you been doing to destroy that Trust?