Bend whatever / however is needed to push the Left Agenda forward - Commenter Observation - Granite Grok

Bend whatever / however is needed to push the Left Agenda forward – Commenter Observation

Socialism is selfish

Commenter Allen left this as a comment on my “End the Panic Porn” – some good news about the Wu Flu” post. A bit off-topic but a great observation:

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Another thing I’ve noticed is the left seems to be all about the store owners being able to decide if they want people to wear masks or not, because it’s their right to set store policy…

but if you bring up that (it) was store policy not to bake a cake for a certain kind of wedding, they get mad.

We know that very few of the Progressives take the view that Individuals should be able to make the decision for themselves whether to wear a mask or not. Right now, almost any Democrat of any note at all is kvetching loudly how Gov. Sununu HAS TO MANDATE that everyone HAS to wear a face mask (#Maskholes, every one of them). Especially since Trump is coming to town for his rally on Saturday.

Of COURSE they are – they complain bitterly that masks are all about public health and not politics. Sorry, you wretched creatures but the Left corrupted and has weaponized “public health” for years using Government agencies to do so. Of COURSE, the wearing of masks is political – you made it so and no amount of talk to the opposite is going to convince we who have memories (and the Internet NEVER forgets) otherwise.

You know, most of us Conservatives (and Libertarians) are just fine with the first part – it IS owners of stores that should be able to make their own policies – it is THEIR private property and not a public one. In that, we ALL agree – for an instant.

But because Progressives CANNOT be intellectually honest (unless the goal is like militant Islam – lying is fine to advance the agenda), Allen rightfully points out where they lie; store owners are NOT allowed to set store policies when it conflicts with their Narrative / Morality. In his case, forcing shopkeepers to do what they otherwise NOT do – back gay or gender dysphoria wedding cakes, be photographers at gay/trans weddings; you get the picture.

It’s all about Power capture, be it directly or indirectly. We’ve seen pressure on said shopkeepers to “stay in line” – now it is “suggested” they both support BLM and masks. That’s not all: it is clear that the “civil rights groups” (the MSM NEVER reports “left-leaning civil rights groups” but all one has to do is look at the names of said groups) are now pressuring all kinds of Fortune 100 companies to act “responsibly” to manufacture outrage and advance their agenda. An example of this is the refusal of banks’ merchant services to handle firearm sales. Of course, we are seeing the de-platforming of Conservative content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the like.

Everything the Left sees, they want, one way or another.

It’s clear that they never learned to share nicely in kindergarten. They were always the bad boys (and girls) that went to grab stuff from the nice, polite boys and girls and then kicked and screamed when they couldn’t have it. So much for their own “sharing is caring” bit, eh?

Now, having been denied in the past, today we are seeing their retribution.