Because it Will Trigger Leftists - Antarctic Ice Extent and Concentration Greater Today than in 1980 - Granite Grok

Because it Will Trigger Leftists – Antarctic Ice Extent and Concentration Greater Today than in 1980


We’ve all got decent Democrat friends, well, most of us. They are often working stiffs, maybe in a union, but not interested in letting men use women’s bathrooms or conception to birth abortion. And many could care less about the global warming scare. So, this is for all the other Democrats.

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The easily triggered whiners who march with BLM because if they don’t, their own “culture might cancel them. Yeah, those a**holes. They don’t care if hundreds of dire predictions by their scientists and experts have failed to come to pass. That in the past 40-years, almost nothing they have predicted was accurate.

This is for the true believers in the Climate Cult.

Folks who refuse to accept that recycling is not better for the planet. Devotionists who refuse to believe, even when Climate Saint Michael Moore tells them it’s all crap, that their false idols are indeed fake. Or, that much of the fearmongering was little more than corporate socialism whose stated goals do more harm than good.

The politicization of weather started in the early eighties. We’re all supposed to be starving, baked to a crip, and underwater. But none of that happened, and none of it would have been your fault if it had. And it can’t happen unless CO2 – which has nothing to do with anything – melts the polar ice caps.

So, how’s that working out? Well, the media is still pimping stories about catastrophic ice loss, melt, and disaster, but the actual science paints a different picture. The Antarctic has more ice today than it did in 1980.

Sea ice extent in June 2020 = 13.2 million sq km
Sea ice extent in June 1980 = 12.5 million sq km

Sea ice concentration in June 2020 = 10.6 million sq km
Sea ice concentration in June 1980 = 9.6 million sq km

A larger ice extent and ice concentration. IceAge Now describes it as,

That’s enough extra ice to entirely cover Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, South Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and all six New England states. Oh, and throw in Washington, D.C. for good measure. (Which might be a good idea.)


I know, and the same tools decided that this was also a sign of something as long as that ‘something’ was your fault and required massive government programs and that it WAS NOT proof that they are full of s**t!  But they are!

So, celebrate by hopping in your SUV or Truck and tooling out and about for and Iced coffee or iced tea, or both.

There’s plenty of it around and no reason not to make happy noises because it will trigger liberals and get them babbling about plastic bags or man-made this or that because they are not just wrong about the problems, they are wrong about the solutions. Unless the problem is capitalism, and the answer is socialism.

If you can just get them to admit that, then it’s the first honest thing they’ve ever said about “Climate” Change.