Coming Soon Increased Arctic Sea Ice Will Be Another Sign of The Global Warming Apocalypse - Granite Grok

Coming Soon Increased Arctic Sea Ice Will Be Another Sign of The Global Warming Apocalypse

polar-bear-arctic sea ice

The irrefutable hypothesis of Global Warming has undergone some interesting evolutions in the decades since it’s “discovery.” By discovery I mean, the opportunity to use the weather to raise taxes and grow global government. By evolution I mean the necessary name-change gymnastics intended to keep the long con from collapsing. 

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It is, after all, irrefutable. Everything confirms it, nothing denies it.

But I’m not going to tell you cold weather means “no global warming” any more than I’m going to say warm weather does. Except to make fun of those who do, because it’s all a hoax. The Climate Cult is working you over to rob you of your hard-earned dollars and your natural rights. The weather refusing to cooperate is not a deal breaker for them.

That’s why none of their predictions has come to pass and never will, why they keep changing the theory to fit the circumstances. Except for one. Arctic Sea Ice.

Why? It’s not part of your everyday. You don’t live near it. It’s not making you uncomfortable. The assumption is that the media can continue to cite experts who’ve gotten not one other damn thing right and you’ll believe them.

Sea Ice Might as Well Be Mars

If it rains or snows or gets cold or does the opposite, you are living it. Sea Ice, not so much. So, the only way you can refute the dopey reporters and the experts they parrot who’ve gotten not one other damn thing right) is to cite those they’ve labeled deniers.

Well, those deniers are in denial. We can’t believe anything they say.

Or, they take money from big oil, or big coal or the Kochtopus.

And Climate Cultists take billions from taxpayers (funneled to them by government). Based on false narratives. Regurgitated by partisan multi-million dollar media companies quoting expert predictions, none of which has come to pass.

Change the name, change the game, try again. So, what about Arctic sea ice? If you google it, the stuff is rare. If you ordered Scotch anywhere near the north pole you’d have a hard time getting it “dirty.” The Arctic is warming, the ice receding. But none of that is true.

Ice is Nice!

The ice extent trend for the past decade is flat with a chance of growing. Data courtesy of the not at all right-wing Danish Meteorological Institute or DMI.

Arcitc Sea Ice Vlume 2- feb 2019

Chaos, disorder, apocalypse. The end of the…wait a minute? November 2018 saw record ice growth. January 2019 was near-record.

Which means the biggest Climate Cult Canary in the Global Warming Coal mine may need some new stripes. (I just waterboarded a mixed metaphor.)

Someday soon growing Arctic Sea Ice will have to a) mean the planet is warming faster than thought, and b) will lead to massive sea level rise.

The con can’t continue without it.