To the Left and the Media, Black Lives Don't Matter - Unless They can Use them for Something Political - Granite Grok

To the Left and the Media, Black Lives Don’t Matter – Unless They can Use them for Something Political

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The unbiased media invested nearly 12 hours of airtime to protests over the wrongful death of George Floyd. But what about the wrongful deaths of those killed in the riots that followed? Combined, the three major networks could only find four minutes to talk about those tragedies.

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Hey, there’s no bias in the corporate media, stop saying that. But, of course, there is.

MRC analysts examined all three broadcast networks’ major morning and evening newscasts between May 28 and June 3, and found that the total airtime spent on those who died during the past week of riots accounted to just four and a half minutes, or less than one percent of the total protest-related coverage.

CBS spent just a single minute (61 seconds) on individuals killed during the riots, amounting to half a percent of their 201 minutes of protest coverage. ABC gave the victims 91 seconds, or 0.76 percent of their total 200 minutes spent on the demonstrations. On NBC, the victims received just over two minutes, or 0.7% of the network’s 309 minutes of protest-related programming.

George Floyd’s death was tragic, and justice must be done, but is that not also true of Retired Police Captain David Dorn, murdered while helping to defend a local small business? He’s African American. No?

  • Italia Marie Kelly, 22, who was shot and killed while attempting to leave a Davenport, Iowa protest after it became violent on the night of May 31.
  • David Patrick Underwood, a federal law enforcement officer who was shot while providing security at an Oakland courthouse
  • Chris Beaty, a business owner and former Indiana University football player known as “Mr. Indianapolis.”

And what about the thousands of African Americans killed by other members of their community every year in these same liberal cities?

You know the answer. There’s no political advantage to elevating their tragedies, so they get ignored, which tells you more about how the Left and the media feel about Black Lives. They only matter if they can advance the Left’s agenda.