This Latest Tantrum (Like Every one Before It) Is About Ideological Purity And Nothing Else - Granite Grok

This Latest Tantrum (Like Every one Before It) Is About Ideological Purity And Nothing Else

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Everything the left does has one goal—ideological purity. BLM, race, gender, hate speech, diversity, and Human Rights councils, it is all a smokescreen. This latest tantrum is no exception. It has one purpose, and that is not police reform.

ICYMI:   Headline Should Read: If Out-of-State College Students Don’t Vote in NH Democrats Lose

That’s not to say they won’t happily accept concessions. It’s always about moving the ball down the field (to the left).

For the folks mulling about on the side-lines wondering what the hell is happening, none of this is organic. It is deliberate, and there is a larger goal at play.

The landscape is deliberately toxic. You may not agree with any or all of what’s going on, but you do not dare stick your head up. Anyone that does gets a rhetorical bat taken to them. Sometimes, it is the real bat. And neither race, sex, age, gender, or occupation protects you. Your only defense from this “assault” is to agree to their terms or remain silent, which is the same thing as giving up.

This has nothing to do with cops or minorities or reparations though it is about discrimination. Your thoughts, ideas, and everyday liberties will be discriminated against regardless of race, sex, age, gender, or occupation.  The goal is to silence all dissent. To gain control of the language and the debate until there can be no debate. To purge the opposition. To end the debate.

The opponent is not systemic racism; it is Democrat Socialism. It is cultural Marxism. It is speech and thought police hiding behind race and gender. It is the Democrat party leadership and their bag men.

Terror is the tool; Intimidation is a tactic; surrender is the goal.

Don’t give up.