Autonomous Leftists Want to "Round up" All The [Blank] People and Make Them Work For Them - Granite Grok

Autonomous Leftists Want to “Round up” All The [Blank] People and Make Them Work For Them

CHAZ City 206 Wikicommons - The Seattle Autonomous Zone

Nothing says “equality” like “Round up all the [Blank] people and put them to work!” But that’s what someone in the totally autonomous (mom, send food!) Capital Hill zone in Seattle said. They want people rounded up for manual labor to support the rest of them. What people?

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White people.

“I genuinely don’t understand why we don’t just round up all the white people in CHAZ and put them to work tending the crops, and other such tasks,” responds another CHAZ militant.

“Thing would be far more efficient with a large workforce and it would act as a way of keeping the white menace under control. We can have an armed supervisor to watch over them as they work so there’s no risk of any racist backlash.”

My suggestion? Do it. Round up the white people in the Autonomous zone and put them to work.

Make sure you take pictures and video. Share it on Twitter and Facebook. I want to see what these platforms do with that. Not as much as I want the rest of America to see. Talk about a priceless admission of your true motivations and agenda.

And if you are not adequately offended yet imagine the “white people” performing forced labor are Jews.

How’s that working for you now?

It looks a lot like the fascism you all claim to oppose.

Surprise, there’s no difference, you’re just too stupid to know better: you were the fascists all along.

And I expect you’ll stay that way until you get rounded up into a work party which will be a sad day for you or your oppressors since the odds are good that the majority of you useless Marxist-water-carrying basement dwellers are incapable of any sort of work whatsoever.

And if you can’t work, well, then what do they do with you?