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Government Stimulus checks lead to Rash of Overdoses in New Hampshire, Vermont

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What did anyone THINK was going to happen when you give druggies unexpected money?  I don’t think this is the economy that needed to be “stimulated” (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Opioid overdoses in the Twin States have started to spike upward amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the stress and challenges that have come along with it. Vermont saw the number of non-fatal overdoses nearly double in March of this year, compared with March of last year, according to data from the Vermont Department of Health. The number of fatal overdoses also more than doubled, going up to nine and 17 for March and April of this year, from four and eight in March and April of 2019. New Hampshire saw an increase of roughly 30% in drug overdose deaths in April and May compared to the same months last year, according to preliminary data released by the New Hampshire chief medical examiner on Monday. There were 42 deaths in April and 45 in May, up from 32 in April and 35 in May of 2019. Those counts, which include both confirmed deaths and those pending toxicology, are also above the numbers for those months in 2018.

While health officials are still digging through the data to identify trends, they are fairly certain the increases are a result of the impact of the pandemic and efforts to mitigate it, said Cynthia Seivwright, who directs the Vermont Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program at the state Department of Health. She pointed to fear, anxiety and depression tied to COVID-19 itself, but also to related job losses and financial challenges.

…Seivwright said it appears that some of the deaths were right after the person received a stimulus check. “Getting those checks is a trigger for people,” she said.

So, a whole bunch of FREE money (free to them) gets dropped into the laps of folks with addictions.

Sidenote:  the article, once again, uses politically correct terms (hey, it’s the Monitor – what would you expect??):

“We are aware of an increase in overdose deaths in Windsor County during the pandemic,” said Mt. Ascutney CEO Joseph Perras. “We are working to coordinate the responses of first responders and medical providers to intervene as early as possible in patients with opioid use disorder.”

Ah, anything to reduce the stigma of what it really is: addiction.

Frankly, just as we see the Marxist rioters pulling down statues to erase any history they don’t like under the rubric of RAACISM!, political correctness/Cultural Marxism is doing the same with our language. The former is erasing American history, the latter is erasing traditional American norms that used to be the fence by which Society protected itself from harm.  In both cases, needed icons/traditions are being erased to a “ho-hum” banality.

Reducing addiction to a mere “disorder”, that language itself is removing a psychological/spiritual fence from doing bad things. So, more people think “no big deal”. Note that during this “renaming process”, the addiction industry continues to grow and demands even more money and resources.

For those of you who I am now just a cold-hearted person, again, I am the dad of a son that lost his way and became an addict. He made the original decision – TMEW and I have paid the consequence ever since. Removing the stigma, in part, aided that decision (I’m sure of it). So, if you are thinking of screaming at me for being cold-hearted, just remember – I’ve lived it.  The whole shebang. I know of which I speak. Personally.

Put the stigma back – removing it hasn’t made the problem go away, has it?

(H/T: Concord Monitor)