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Do Not Believe the Democrat’s Sudden Concern for Protecting Peaceful Protest

Democrat Socialists - Antifa

Somewhere on Twitter, one of New Hampshire’s desperately-seeking-attention Democrats regurgitated another narrative mill talking point out of DC. They didn’t want Gov. Sununu to send our National Guard anywhere to “interfere in peaceful protests.”

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Even if you refuse to watch TV, you have probably noticed that while there are peaceful protests (a good thing), criminals and thugs are using them as cover to engage in illegal activity (a bad thing). We see arson, assault, theft, robbery, burglary, things that one does not typically associate with the word peaceful.

Peaceful protesters do not loot or burn down minority businesses or ransack local stores and set cars and buildings on fire. If facts mattered you would have to admit, even begrudgingly, that these “expressions” make peaceful protest impossible.

People honestly advocating for peaceful protest should applaud and support every effort to might make peaceful protest possible – like sending National Guard troops to deter rioting and to protect the folks trying to exercise their first amendment rights.

To protect citizens and business owners.

But no, we are talking about Democrats. Some of whom, perhaps even those calling for Mr. Sununu to hold back our Guard troops, encourage groups like Antifa to interfere, disrupt, and prevent peaceful protest.

Democrats who encourage the use of intimidation or even violence by groups like Antifa to prevent First Amendment-protected expressions from occurring because, ideologically, they disagree with them. Including the voices of women, gays, and minorities.

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So, when the Democrats say don’t send our National Guard to interfere with peaceful protests, what they mean is don’t stop the looting, destruction, and violence by our stormtroopers because we need them to keep people we oppose politically from peaceful protest.