On Left-Wing Role Models and How Looting is Just Leftism Without the Middle Man - Granite Grok

On Left-Wing Role Models and How Looting is Just Leftism Without the Middle Man

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The Democrats have turned George Floyd into a martyr, not because he was an inspiration or sacrificed for the good of others. On the contrary, George was a criminal who took from others.  If anyone emulates that worldview, it’s the Democrat party.

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An inspiration that comes to us care-of this episode of Blue Collar Logic, along with the post title. 

The Democrats are happy to excuse the looting because it is leftism without the middle man. It is the open acceptance of humanity at its lowest common denominator – wanting something for nothing. Which when it comes to the Democrats defines almost everything for which they stand. The problem, of course, if that there’s no such thing as something for nothing. Someone else has to make something or create something for Democrats (or any criminal organization) to take for themselves or give it to someone else after a “small” handling fee.

The leftists are more than happy to erect an edifice of government large and intrusive enough to make all of that appear legal. All you have to do is vote for them. But there’s a catch. Privosos, small print, ala the contract in the original Willie Wonka,

WHEREAS The management cannot be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, loss of property or life or limb. And

WHEREAS For damage caused by lightning, earthquakes, floods, fire, frost or frippery of any sort, kind or condition, consequently the undersigned take responsibility,

(and so on and so on…)

Whereas we will run out of other people’s money and those most reliant on that will suffer first and hardest, meaning you! Any damage caused to you, your life, or lifestyle is your responsibility. But do not worry. We will be more than fine.

George Floyd did not deserve to die and certainly not like that, but his arrest was the result of actual criminal behavior of which he had a history. If Leftists are going to insist that this makes him a martyr, then they are elevating, revering, idolizing, emulating, and perhaps even worshipping theft and fraud.

I’m hard-pressed to disagree with this description of the Democrat party but as the goal of a nation-state that lowers us to the level of North Korea. A path that militant left-wing groups paint as provocative but whose motivations are anything but:

Black Lives Matter is run by radical lesbians. They don’t even have any particular interest in good men. So, why is BLM focused almost exclusively on cannonizing the kind of men that they themselves woulnd’t touch with a ten foot pole. Low-level urban hustlers with criminal records. Why? Do they want kids to think that living as an outlaw and dying as victim is how one changes the world?

The goal is socialism, not equality, which is slavery to the state. And while you are thinking about that, now might be a good time to get that serf’s collar to match your COVID19 mask. They are, after all, both driving the donkey in the same direction.

Here’s the Blue Collar TV piece – well worth your time, in my humble opinion.