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Guns, Libs, and Truth Bombs

Gun barrel muzzle

I’ve said this before but probably not recently. It relates to one of the primary reasons why Democrats hate private gun ownership. Or, at least my armchair psychology opinion on the matter. A theory based on years of observations.

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First, to be clear, as a rule, progressives love guns. You can’t have a proper tyranny without them. All of them. And that plays into this further up the food chain. But in a country with private gun ownership on our scale, the individual right to self-defense, this theory – I believe – bears weight. Especially in explaining the full-throated support of rank and file leftists.

The red flag laws, the restrictions, the limitations all of it make more sense. 

The majority of Democrats don’t know anybody stable enough that they would trust with a firearm. And since they live in a bubble filled with these people the responsible decision is to disarm everyone, but maybe themselves.

In contrast, I trust everyone I know with their firearms. When they are around I feel safer. And we all respect that responsibility and the obligations that come with the right to self-defense. Sure, there will always be outliers, but most of them are or should be registered as Democrats.

Most true Democrats, however, have no idea how the world works or looks outside their bubble. And before you ask, I have been an Independent, undeclared, and have voted for Democrats in a past political life. 

I survived public school, worked in a Union for close to a decade, and after all of that – and some self-education – discovered liberty and constitutional conservatism were the paths to happiness and prosperity. 

Democrats are also the drama-queens of the political world. And a majority of the people they associate with should not be trusted with firearms. Just look at the majority of mass shooters for evidence.

That, as they say, is that.

If you accept this theory or some variation of it, it explains everything. Why Dems trust government more than free markets and free people – which may be their biggest flaw of all!

The government is just a bunch of them with all the guns and all the power.

That’s a bad idea every time, and everywhere it has been tried. Here would be no different. You’d think a bunch of people who think they are as smart as they are would have worked that out?